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Ophthalmic Lenses & Dispensary

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Product Review  11/15/2014

A review of the latest product offerings.
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Where Do You Stand on These Refractive Surgery Controversies?  10/15/2014

The good news: options abound. The bad news: ditto.
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Product Review  9/15/2014

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.
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Tracking IOP With an IOL  9/15/2014

Patients could measure their own IOP using a smartphone app.
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More Questions Than Answers  8/15/2014

This patient’s ocular history was extensive and downright perplexing. Could a cataract complication somehow affect his posterior pole?
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Product Review  8/15/2014

The latest in industry products.
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Children’s Optical: Little Tykes, Large Opportunity  9/15/2013

What one OD learned while building a successful children’s optical in her practice.
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Do We Stand A Chance Against Online Retailers?  9/15/2013

How do we turn the tide on net-surfing consumers?
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Prescribe Sunwear from Your Chair  9/15/2013

Be sure patients know that sunglasses aren’t just a fashion choice.

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