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May 15, 2015


Slit Lamp Essentials

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How to Impress (and Express) Your Patients 

Want to express meibomian glands like a pro? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.


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Take Charge of Diabetic Care 

Arm yourself with the latest advice to keep patients healthy.

Diagnostic Technology

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The Do's and Don'ts of Measuring IOP 

Tonometry tips to help you develop a trusty technique.

Dry Eye Report

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Whet Your Appetite for New Dry Eye Drugs 

Here’s 10 medications in the pipeline.
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Who’s Right: The Patient or the Test? 

What do you do when symptoms and objective testing don’t agree?

Optometric Study Center

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Recognize Distinctions in Women’s Eye Health 

Some issues, both ocular and systemic, have a greater impact on women than men. 

Vision Expo

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Vision Expo East Emphasizes Tech 

Technology revolutionizes patient care—but it can also be harmful.


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Chillin’ Like a Grandma 

Like my grandmother, we should chill. But good luck doing that in our line of work.

Clinical Quandaries

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Eye Acts Up as IOP Goes Down 

When a patient gets an allergic reaction to glaucoma drops, it’s time to BAK off.

Coding Connection

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Clarifying Dry Eye Coding 

Don’t get confused by the vision vs. medical coverage dilemma.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

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Blood, Tears and Albumin 

In the case of filamentary keratitis, should one eye drop be used over the other?

Diagnostic Quiz

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The Loitering Lump 

Decreased vision at near and a lump in her neck. What's the diagnosis?

Editor's Page

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FDA, Heal Thyself 

Bold new legislation might make this famously sclerotic agency more agile.

Neuro Clinic

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Optic Pallor Prompts VEP Test 

VEP helped solve the mystery of a patient’s optic nerve pallor.

News Review

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In the News 

Here is a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.
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Medium Drusen May Indicate AMD Progression 

Research shows the larger the drusen, the higher the risk of progression to late AMD.
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Study Forecasts Future Myopia in Children 

One test before first grade predicts myopia by eighth grade.
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Virtual Reality Used to Identify Risk of Falls Due to Glaucoma 

Researchers link visual field results and risk of falls in glaucoma patients.

Ocular Surface Review

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Getting a Grip on Blepharitis 

Why you should customize treatment to the specific form of anterior blepharitis.

Product Review

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Product Review 

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Retina Quiz

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Pick Your Poison 

Which medicines can complicate vision?

Review of Systems

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Red Eye Gone (Adeno) Viral 

When you see follicular conjunctivitis, think adenovirus.

Surgical Minute

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Femto Surgery: A Cut Above? 

Clinicians wonder if this much-touted advance in cataract surgery has proven itself yet.

Therapeutic Review

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Give Patients a Recovery Roadmap 

Help patient's understand what comes after the discovery of a pituitary tumor.
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