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October 15, 2014


20th Annual Surgery Report

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In Pursuit of Emmetropia: Choosing from the Refractive Surgery Menu 

New surgical technology and procedures make it a viable prospect for more patients than ever. Here's an overview of the latest approaches.
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IOL Advances: How to Discuss Them with Patients 

You've got the knowledge you need to start the conversation. But it requires a delicate balance to avoid establishing the wrong expectations.
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Postop Predicaments in Cataract Procedures 

Three non-routine cataract cases showcase surgical advances and highlight increasing postoperative visual expectations.
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Where Do You Stand on These Refractive Surgery Controversies? 

The good news: options abound. The bad news: ditto.

Optometric Study Center

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When the Retina Reveals a Blood Disorder 

The majority of anemias, hemoglobinopathies and hematological malignancies have retinal manifestations. Here's what you need to know when you see one.

Practice Management

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Smooth Your Transition to EHR 

It's been a shotgun wedding. Could a little more attention make it a happy marriage? Here's how to get through the rough patches.


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A Legend in Your Own Mind 

What's your purpose in life? It may have something to do with finding a treasure. Or making a journey. Or something. You better go find out.

Coding Abstract

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Don't Cut Corners on Surgery 

Just like performing a minor procedure itself, know what you're doing before you submit a claim for one.

Comanagement Q & A

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Cold Sore, Hot Lid 

It's a common condition. What, if anything, can be done to identify and treat it?

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

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When the Lens is Down and Out 

These key factors must be considered when troubleshooting a decentered scleral lens.

Diagnostic Quiz

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Is There 'Juvenile AMD?' 

A 22-year-old white male presented with a chief complaint of decreased vision, which had progressively worsened during the past two years. How would you manage the patient?

Editor's Page

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Communication Breakdown 

Information sharing was supposed to flourish under EHR. It hasn't. Try to see it as an opportunity to improve, not an excuse to abort the mission.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

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Not What the Doctor Ordered 

This patient returned after uncomplicated cataract surgery with an unexpected "correction" to his glaucoma. How did this happen?

News Review

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Children with Amblyopia See Speech Differently 

It's one reason why mothers may say: "Look at me when I'm talking to you."

Product Review

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Product Review 

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Research Review

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Look What the CATT Dragged In 

For anti-VEGF treatment of AMD, monthly frequency and ranibizumab treatment were associated with a higher risk of geographic atrophy.

Retina Quiz

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The Eye is Dotted 

This patient reported rapid vision loss in her left eye. We noted a lesion and white dots in the affected macula. What's the diagnosis?

Surgical Minute

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Narrow Angles, Open Minds 

Optometrists are increasingly involved in recommending—and even performing—PIs. Here, an Oklahoma OD walks us through the procedure.

Therapeutic Review

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New Blepharitis Treatments 

A decade ago, we looked at the latest treatment options for blepharitis. It's high time we eye them up again.
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