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March 15, 2015


Slit Lamp Essentials

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How to Make Your Patients Stop Crying 

Steps to perform lacrimal dilation and irrigation.

Case Report

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Exam Reveals Subtle Macular Disease 

Seeing spots leads to a diagnosis of idiopathic juxtafoveal retinal telangiectasis.


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Don't Overlook the Eyelids 

Eyelid exams can be critical to keeping your patients healthy. 


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Urgent and Chronic Causes of Diplopia 

Double vision can originate from many conditions. When this is an emergency?
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Vision Expo East 2015: A Focus on Education 

See what's in store for VEE 2015.

Optometric Study Center

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Urgent and Chronic Causes of Diplopia 

Double vision can originate from many conditions. When this is an emergency?

Point of Care Testing

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A Lab in the Palm of Your Hand? 

POCT helps take the guesswork out of diagnosis.

Retina Report

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Differential Diagnosis of Retinal Disease 

Many retinal conditions can be easily confused.


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Must the ‘No Shows’ Go On? 

Those two little words will drive me to an early grave. 

Clinical Quandaries

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Detached Staff, Detached Retina 

A poorly handled phone call likely worsened this young woman’s outcome.

Coding Connection

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Coding Point-of-Care Testing 

Take care when coding for POCTs, and be aware that carrier rules are ever-changing.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

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Checks and Balances 

Reestablishing a pH balance is key to controlling ocular damage from chemical burns.

Diagnostic Quiz

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Salt and Pepper Fundus? 

Blurry vision at near and arrhythmia and hypertension meds. Diagnosis?

Editor's Page

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All in a Day’s Work 

From the Snellen chart to the surgical suite, and everywhere in between.

Letters to the Editor

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Off-Label Use is Off Target? 

Off-label uses present us with dilemmas to navigate on a daily basis.

Neuro Clinic

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Pale Disc Points to Trouble 

An asymptomatic patient presented with optic disc pallor and asymmetric cupping. 

News Review

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AOA to Oppose 1-800’s Pricing Bills in 14 States 

1-800-Contacts backs legislation to ban UPP. AOA aims to rally states in opposition.
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Drug-Delivering Nanowafer Shows Better Efficacy Than Topical Drops 

A slow-release delivery system improves treatment for CNV in mouse eyes.
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Generic Glaucoma Drug Boosts Adherence by 25%, Study Says 

A new generic gives glaucoma patients a cheaper option.

Ocular Surface Review

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Risky Business 

Improve diagnosis with an understanding of risk factors on dry eye.

Product Review

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Product Review 

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Retina Quiz

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Gone Girl 

Can this patient’s fundus exam help you find the cause of her sudden loss of vision?

Review of Systems

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AIDS in America: 30 Years Later 

Do you know the ocular signs of HIV?

Surgical Minute

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Measure Twice, Cut Once 

Pre-op diagnostic testing is critical to cataract surgery outcomes.

Therapeutic Review

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The Throwback Thursday Option 

Recognize when a situation calls for doctors to revert to old-model drugs.
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