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More Evidence Outdoor Time Curbs Myopia Risk

This effect was especially significant in kids whose parent(s) also had the condition, study finds.
January 22, 2021

SMILE Gets Good Marks for High Myopes

Accommodation issues were minimal after the procedure, research shows.
January 22, 2021

AI System Detects Vision-Threatening Conditions in High Myopes

The new model is ready for large-scale screening, researchers suggest.
January 22, 2021

Low-Dose Atropine Elicits Poor Response in Young Children

Researchers recommend starting at 0.05% to achieve similar results found in older patients.
January 11, 2021

Academy of Ophthalmology Launches Global Myopia Task Force

The AAO seeks to address the epidemic with the collaboration of physicians, public health agencies, schools, patients and their families.
January 7, 2021

Myopia Progression in Indian Kids Varies With Age, Severity

Younger patients who have higher degrees of the condition progress more quickly, study shows.
December 15, 2020

Effects of Atropine Not Linked to Dosage

Study reports no physiologically high IOPs in myopic children after one year of treatment.
December 11, 2020

Environmental Factors Pose Greatest Risk of Myopia

Genetics played less of a role in the development of the condition.
December 11, 2020

Limit Screen Use to Two Hours Daily

Smartphone use exceeding this amount resulted in the highest negative shift in refractive error among children.
December 10, 2020

Race Plays Role in Myopia Severity

Children from East/Southeast Asia progressed significantly faster than white patients.
November 25, 2020