Vision Screening Catches Pediatric Refractive Errors

Astigmatism tops the list of the vision problems kids face, with hyperopia also common.

Secondhand Smoke Adversely Affects Kids’ Eyes

Each additional family smoker thinned the choroid by at least 5μm.

Myopia Control: Every Diopter Matters

Lowering a patient’s refractive error by 1D can save them up to a year of visual impairment.

Take a Break to Ease Myopia

Looking up from work or play every half hour has a preventive effect on young eyes.

Firearm Injuries Lead to Permanent Vision Loss in Youth

Black American male children are at the greatest risk of irreversible damage.

Early Meds Ward Off Surgery in Kids with Uveitis

Methotrexate taken within six months of diagnosis reduced risk.

Factors Predict Post-op Glaucoma in Kids

Five years after surgery, 20% of children with bilateral cataracts developed glaucoma.

Blame Blunt Trauma for Most Pediatric Macular Holes

Visual acuity improves after closure, except when lesions are present.

Screening Toddlers? Any VA Chart Will Do

Three common options were highly accurate in detecting significant refractive errors.

MGD Can Affect Kids, Too

Many young patients reported signs and symptoms that were in line with mild dropout.

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