SleepTite/SleepRite disposable device for nighttime lid closure.

Lagophthalmos patients now have a new way to improve nighttime eyelid closure. Announced last fall and now shipping, SleepTite/SleepRite is a see-through shield to be worn over the eyelids at night. It keeps lids sealed shut to prevent ocular exposure to fluids, airborne contaminants and excessive drying, resulting in a reduction of DED and meibomian gland dysfunction symptoms, its developers say. This is the first product from start-up company Ophthalmic Resources Partners. Options are available for both regular and sensitive skin types in boxes of 30 pairs, a company press release explains.

The disposable devices feature a non-irritating adhesive designed to stay in place all night and not pull on lashes or skin, and a tab on the outer edge also makes for easy removal in the morning, the release explains. Though the devices are made to be put over the eyelids each night, patients who wish to alternate every other night will still see clinical improvement, the company says. 

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