Every year in contemporary America, countless academic publications, news articles and big-budget films are themed upon issues related to racial diversity, multiculturalism and globalization. Today, these three fundamental issues are discussed in regard to every professional field and disciplineand optometry is no exception.

With this in mind, Review of Optometry brings you the special report Eye Care Across Countries and Cultures, which includes four articles that discuss various issues of race,
culture and language.

First, Derrick L. Artis, O.D., M.B.A., discusses tips on how to provide specialized care to African- and Asian-American patients in Supply and Demand for Culturally Competent Eye Care.

Next, Shital Mani, O.D., talks about how various ocular conditions specifically affect patients from different racial backgrounds in Whats Race Got to Do With It?

Ronald Hirn, O.D.,
provides several useful tips and guidelines on how to better accommodate your Spanish-speaking patients in Open Your Doors to Hispanic Patients.

Finally, Melissa A. Padilla and Anthony F. DiStefano, O.D., M.P.H., discuss how eye care is practiced in other countries outside the United States in A Snapshot of Optometry Around the World."

The staff at Review hopes that you will find these articles both informative and useful in your day-to-day interactions with patients from a variety of countries and cultures. For additional information, read Amy Hellems editorial, Brushstrokes."

Vol. No: 146:06Issue: 6/15/2009