Miru 1 day UpSide packages lenses with the convex surface facing the wearer upon opening.

A silicone hydrogel contact lens, just launched from Menicon, aims to improve the experience of lens handing. Called Miru 1 day UpSide, the lens is packaged with the convex front surface facing forward to eliminate contact with the back surface, removing a potential source of infection from the fingertip exposure, a company press release explains. In the blister pack, the lens rests on a small bump that allows the wearer to more easily grasp it with a pinching motion, Menicon says. The company calls this concept “Smart Touch.” The Miru 1 day Flat Pack uses a similar idea.

The lens itself is made of midafilcon A material with a 56% water content, 91 Dk/t, and a low modulus (0.36), which Menicon says gives it the softness of a hydrogel lens but the handling properties of SiHy. A plasma surface treatment (which the company calls “NanoGloss”) resists adhesion of debris and reduces friction with the ocular surface, Menicon says.

Miru 1 day UpSide is available now in half-diopter steps from -13.00D to -6.00D and quarter-diopter steps from -6.00D to +6.00D. The company says it will add a multifocal version in the first half of 2022.

More information is available here.