GP Contact Lens Cleaning

Lobob Labs is offering a free starter kit of its Optimum formulations for gas permeable lenses. The system is approved for use with fluorosilicone acrylate, silicone acrylate and hard contact lenses. The starter kit includes:
Optimum by Lobob Extra Strength Cleaner (XSC). This sterile solution eliminates deposits, oils, lipids, salts, mucus and other contaminants from the lens surface. XSC contains no abrasives or preservatives, and the company says it is safe for all GP polymers. Patients must rinse lenses thoroughly before reinserting them.
Optimum by Lobob Cleaning, Disinfecting and Storage Solution (CDS).
The solution cleans, disinfects, conditions and provides sterile hydrating storage for GP lenses. CDS is preserved with benzyl alcohol. As with XSC, patients must rinse lenses well before reinserting them.
Optimum by Lobob Wetting and Rewetting Drop (WRW). This drop contains polymeric wetting and cushioning agents to wet and lubricate the lenses prior to insertion. Patients can also place one to two drops directly into the eye to rehydrate lenses for longer, more comfortable wear.
The starter kit includes an OcuSoft lid scrub for improved lid hygiene and/or makeup removal. Call 1-800-835-6262, or go to

Small Frame Progressive

Varilux Ellipse lenses are the latest enhancement to Essilor of Americas Varilux line. This small-frame progressive lens features a minimum fitting height of 14mm for patients with short corridor PALs. The company says the lens reaches 85% of the prescribed power at 9.5mm.
The Ellipse is currently available in 1.50 index CR-39 in powers of +6.00D to 10.00D. High-index 1.67 material will be available starting this summer, and a full range of materials will be available by the end of 2004. In-office educational tools are also available. Call 1-800-366-6342, or go to

Multilateral Approach
Rodenstocks new progressive lens, Multigressiv 2, employs free-form technology to create an aspheric front surface and atoric back surface. The company says

each lens is designed and manufactured to match the unique characteristics of each wearer.
The Multigressiv lens takes into account the convergence point, based on the patients Rx. This allows optimum binocular overlap and size of the intermediate and near vision fields.
The lens is available with tint, hardcoating and antireflective coating. It is available in 1.50, 1.52 ColorMatic Extra and 1.60 materials. Call 1-888-407-3937, or go to

Satisfaction Guaranteed

CIBA Vision now offers a money-back guarantee to all patients who purchase Focus Night & Day lenses through the end of 2004. The Night & Day Platinum Guarantee offers patients a full refund (up to four boxes with a limit of two opened) if they are dissatisfied for any reason. CIBA will also give practitioners a $40 credit toward the purchase of new lenses in the future. Call 1-800-241-5999, or go to


The February 2004 Review of Optometry article, titled Solution Update, included an older version of the package for Alcons Opti-Free Express Multipurpose disinfecting solution for soft contact lenses. Opti-Free Express MPDS cleans and disinfects lenses without rubbing. The solution is FDA approved for lasting comfort, partially due to its wetting agent, Tetronic 1304, which Alcon says helps retain moisture on the lens surface. Review of Optometry editors apologize for the error and any confusion this may have caused our readers.
 GP Enhanced
More add power is now available to your patients who wear gas permeable lenses. Blanchard Contact Lens Inc. introduces the CSA Enhancement, which allows you to increase add correction in any series of the companys Essential or Essential Xtra aspheric multifocal lenses. Simply fit your patient with the appropriate lens, and the company will supplement the available add power with an anterior concentric S-form Add. The combination of posterior and anterior S-Form Add creates a segmented, translating, aspheric multifocal lens.
The anterior concentric S-form Add is available in powers of +0.50D to +2.00D, so you can offer patients up to +4.00D of combined add power. The company says this results in a seamless transition from distance/intermediate to the anterior concentric zone. Call 1-800-367-4009, or go to

Redesigned System

The LifeStyle Company recently introduced its new

PuriLens Plus cleaning and disinfecting system for soft contact lenses. No chemicals are involved in the process, and no rubbing is necessary.
The PuriLens Plus UV-C Cleaning and Disinfecting device uses ultraviolet, subsonic technology. An encapsulated base design seals high-grade steel electrical components against moisture. Also, a hard-wired power cord molded into the base eliminates the penetration of surface moisture.
The system can be used for all soft contact lenses, including disposables. The cleaning cycle takes 15 minutes. Call 1-800-622-0777, or go to

Ortho-K Care
In response to the growing popularity of corneal reshaping, a new lens care kit for orthokeratology lenses is available from Bausch & Lomb. The Boston Advanced Ortho-K Care System kit contains lens care products designed specifically for orthokeratology lenses. Each kit includes:

Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution to clean, disinfect, condition and cushion lenses.
Boston Rewetting drops, which contain a polymer that coats lenses to protect against deposits and promote lubrication.
Travel bag.
DMV contact lens remover.
Contact lens case.
Ortho-K patient lens care guide.
You can order the Boston Advanced Ortho-K care System through authorized manufacturers. Call 1-800-553-5340, or go to

Auto Lensometer

The vertically oriented design of the AL500 Auto Lensometer from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments saves space in your exam lane. You can tilt the high-contrast, color LCD screen for glare-free viewing while seated or standing. Additional features include an icon-based operating system for easy use and a quiet, built-in printer.
The AL500 can measure single vision, multifocal and progressive addition lenses as well as lenses with prism. Four measurement modescomprehensive review, conversion screen, multi-language capability and user selectable Abbeare available. Call (716) 686-4500, or go to

Office Design
Eye Designs presents the Classic Collection of freestanding displays featuring elegant moldings and details. A variety of contemporary and traditional styles are available. Call 1-800-346-8890, or go to
3-D Imagery
The 3-D Anatomy Imager, powered by Talia Technologys RTA (retinal thickness analyzer), reconstructs a 3-D volume visualization of a 3x3mm area of the retina, according to your specifications. The section is automatically overlaid on the patients fundus image and can be displayed as a black-and-white or color-coded image. The application lets you zoom in, rotate or slice the image along three axes, and measure distances and angles.
This imaging function can help you diagnose choroidal neovascularization, macular disease, glaucoma, retinal detachments and more. Call 1-800-214-2030, or go to

Feminine Features

Marchons Tres Jolie optical collection now features these new lightweight metal styles in its Crystal line:
TJ47, an almond-shaped frame, in soft colors such as silver sand, shiny brown, orchid and misty rose-sand. It is available in sizes 50/18-130 and 52/18-135.
TJ48, a modified oval shape, in sizes 50/18-130 and 50/18/135. Colors choices include silver sand, cashmere brown/sand, sage/palladium and orchid.
Both styles are adorned with baguette crystals. Call 1-877-467-3639, or go to

Sweet Group

The Sweethearts group is the latest offering by Viva International Group in its Candies Eyes brand. Three styles, designed in monel metal, feature an open-heart grommet design with rhinestone outlines on both temples. Styles include:
C Michele, a modified oval shape in colors gunmetal, rose and wine. Sizes 45/18-130 and 47/18-135 are available.
C Courtney, a semi-rimless style in size 46/19-135 and colors brown, navy or plumb.
C Caroline, a modified rectangle in sizes 44/18-130 and 46/18-135. Color choices include dark brown, pink and silver. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Luxotticas 2004 collection feature high-tech materials in these three new styles:
LC 1341T and LC 1342T. These full-rim titanium frames come in colors gold, silver and steel. LC 1341T is a small butterfly shape available in sizes 49/17-135 and 51/17-135. LC1342T, a masculine style with a deep, square lens shape, comes in sizes 48/19-135 and 50/19-135.
LC 1340, a nylon-mount frame with a curved metal brow bar and narrow modified rectangular lenses. Colors include pink, lime green, light cordovan, steel and bronze. LC1340 is available in sizes 48/18-135 and 50/18-135.
LC 1822, an all-plastic unisex frame that features a thin profile and elongated rectangular lenses. One size, 52/16-135, is available in colors blue/gray, solid black and rose/gray combination. Call (516) 484-3800, or go to


Guess Who?
Viva Internationals Guess brand introduces new sun and optical styles for spring 2004.
Optical. GU 4135 is a combination metal front with plastic temples. It is available in size 50/18-145 and colors black, brown and navy. GU 1210 is a geometric rectangle frame in such colors as black over horn, clear crystal, tortoise, red with yellow stripe and blue with turquoise stripe. One size, 50/17-145, is available.
Sun. Two new sun styles come with CR-39 lenses. GU 6069 sunglass is a large, oversized rectangular wrap frame with handmade acetate. It comes in size 61/16-130 and such color combinations as black with gray lens, crystal with burgundy gradient lens, smoke with gray gradient lens and tortoise with brown gradient lens.
GU 6055, a handmade plastic shield frame, features an open temple with the G logo design. Colors include black with gray lens, crystal with brown gradient flash lens, mocha with brown gradient lens and raspberry with brown lens. It comes in size 00/00-115. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Vol. No: 141:04Issue: 4/15/04