Correcting Spherical Aberrations

Ocular Sciences now offers a soft, spherical, disposable contact lens that corrects for spherical aberrations in the lens and the patients eye. Spherical aberration is caused by light refracting at varying degrees as it passes through the optics of both a lens and the eye. The amount of aberration in a lens depends on the lens power. And, the company says, most patients have a consistent amount of spherical aberration in their eyes.
Enhancements to the anterior surface of the new Biomedics 55 premier contact lens correct spherical aberrations for each different lens power. The lens is approved for daily and extended wear and comes in a redesigned blister pack. Biomedics 55 Premier is offered with a 14.2mm diameter, in base curves of 8.6mm, 8.8mm and 8.9mm. Powers range from 10.00D to +6.00D in 0.50D steps. Call 1-800-668-6465 or go to

Lagophthalmos Kit

Gulden Ophthalmics now offers another option for your patients with lagophthalmos. The companys Lagophthalmos Kit includes a pair of moisture goggles to protect the patients eyes from wind and particulates during the day. And, a headband device keeps the patients eyes closed during the night without taping. The goggles can also be used as moisture chambers for dry eye patients. A storage/carrying case is also included. Call 1-800-659-2250 or go to

Moisture Mask
Tranquileyes is a new eye mask that is designed to provide relief from dry eye by

increasing humidity around the eye to prevent the evaporation of natural tears. Each pair of tranquileyes is a sculpted eye cover cushioned with fabric-lined, viscoelastic foam. The foam is specially designed to form to the face when warmed by body heat and the foam pads are both washable and replaceable. A cloth wrap holds the eye covers in place and a four-way stretch fabric ensures comfort. Call 1-866-EYE-ECOS or go to

Whats New on the Web?

ScienceBased Health offers practitioners a comprehensive source for information on eye health, with a focus on the role of nutrition in eye care. This online resource features the latest scientific research and contains a monthly newsletter and several volumes of essays titled EduFacts Eye Health Essays. These are concise, single-page summaries of the latest research on nutrition and its role in eye health.
You can also subscribe to receive e-mail updates when new or noteworthy information is announced. Topics include the impact of nutrition on macular and optic nerve health, the role of antioxidants and omega fatty acids in dry eye, and the AREDS study. Go to
Eyefinity has entered into an agreement with EMRlogic, Inc. to integrate the companies online and practice management systems. Now, doctors who use EMRlogics O.D. Professional Enter-prise Solutions practice management software will have access to many of Eyefinitys tools and services. Customers can use the web sites VSP claim filing, online product and lab ordering, online continuing education courses and practice management resources. Go to or
 Contact Lens Drops
Hyaluronate (HA) is a natural lubricant found throughout the body. Advanced Medical Optics new rewetting drops for contact lens wearers, blink Contacts, employs HA to moisturize eyes. HA has viscoelastic properties that mimic the behavior of natural tears, providing high viscosity before and after blinking without blurring the patients vision. AMOs OcuPure is another part of the formulation. This peroxide-free preservative converts to water and sodium chloride when exposed to light. To help maintain cell integrity on the ocular surface, blink Contacts is also fortified with five electrolytes found in natural tears (calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium). The company says blink Contacts prolongs tear break-up time and keeps eyes comfortable. Call 1-866-427-8477 or go to

Computer Magnifier

The new Explorer CCTV system from Scientifics is designed to help your low vision patients with daily activities such as reading, writing checks or letters, and viewing photographs or magazines. This manual focus system includes a 20-inch color TV monitor and can magnify objects and text from six to 70 times the original size. Other features include a 14-by-14-inch table surface, side by side configuration and margin/break stops for reading text. It comes with a two-year warranty. Call 1-800-828-3299 or go to  

Screening Card
SightCare, the Jewish Guild for the Blinds information, education and training program, has published a low vision screening card entitled,  Functional Screening for Patients with Vision Loss. The two-sided, laminated card fits in the pocket of
your lab coat. The front of the card lists eight questions, six of which address vision problems, and two that address depression. When you ask your patients the questions, a yes response to any one indicates the patient requires additional low vision testing. The back of the card lists the ICD-9-CM codes for vision impairment and field loss currently accepted by Medicare for vision rehabilitation. Single copies are available free of charge and additional copies may be obtained for a minimal fee. Call 1-800-539-4845 or go to

Annual Diagnostic Technology Report

Wavefront Refraction
The Z-View Aberrometer from Ophthonix uses wavefront technology to measure high- and low-order aberrations and creates a prescription lens in less than a minute. The Z-View provides objective wavefront measurements using through-lens optics, requiring no input from the patient. The company says measurements taken with the instrument correlate almost perfectly with manifest refraction. The aberrometer will enable practitioners to utilize the companys high-definition lenses to be introduced later this year.
Features include binocular viewing, image capture from over 11,300 data points over a 6mm pupil, holographic grating and a one-year warranty. Call 1-858-646-5531 or go to

30 Second Refraction
Marco has introduced a new technology that can reduce refraction time to as little as 30 seconds. Specialized software employs vector analysis to measure higher order aberrations and blends the aberrations into a traditional Rx. 30 second Refraction is available in diagnostic models such as the 3-D Wave. Marco says its 30-Second Refraction measures 100% of the patients optical system faster and more accurately than traditional methods. Call 1-800-874-5274 or visit

Low Vision LCD
Two new portable digital magnification products are available from Enhanced Vision. The companys new LCD platform is designed to integrate an LCD screen with the Max and Flipper magnification systems. The Max system is designed to help patients read small print. MaxPanel, which combines the Max system with an LCD panel, allows patients to view full color images on a portable screen.
Flipper is Enhanced Visions 225-degree rotating full color, auto-focus camera. FlipperMax integrates a portable LCD screen on which images are projected. Patients can choose either a 7-inch or 10-inch screen and magnification ranges from 2x to 22x. Both the MaxPanel and MaxFlipper include a rechargeable battery that provides up to five hours of life. A soft carrying case and accessories are included as well. Call 1-888-811-3161 or go to

Protecting Kids from UV Damage

Damage from exposure to ultraviolet light is cumulative and may contribute to age-related diseases. With that in mind, Transitions developed new marketing materials to help doctors educate parents about the importance of protecting their children from UV damage. Using the companys online marketing tool, you can use your pictures or Transitions photos to customize counter card displays to reinforce the importance of eyewear for children. You can also use Transitions web site to create patient reminder cards. Orders for up to 1,000 personalized cards are free.
Transitions also offers two educational posters on the need to protect both their childrens skin and eyes from UV exposure. Call 1-800-848-1506 or go to

Airlock Technology

Marchon has added four new three-piece mount styles to its Airlock line of frames. Each is constructed of flexible beta-titanium.
The Airlock 760 series of hinged frames now features prism colors. A special light-refractive coating creates a tonal range of colors on the frame. Airlock 760/7 is a narrow rectangle, unisex frame available in green prism in size 48/21-140. Airlock 760/8 is a feminine frame with a geometric shape. Its available in ruby prism in size 47/21-135.
The Airlock 720 series of hingeless ophthalmics introduces two new frames with jewel-toned colors. Airlock 720/30 is a modern bow-tie design available in metallic amethyst and size 48/21-140. Airlock 720/31 features a modern geometric shape that comes in emerald and size 49/21-140. Call 1-877-467-3639, or go to

The Vogue frame collection from Luxottica has added five new frames to its ophthalmic line.
Two plastic frames are offered in a color palette including plum/rose, demiblonde/caramel, black/lite blue, chipped tortoise and more. VO 2302 and VO

2302-B feature a bold profile and angular design. VO 2302-B has striking stone details at its outer edges for extra embellishment. Both frames come in sizes 49/16-135 and 51/16-135.
Three metal frames round out the additions to this collection. VO 3451, a modified rectangle frame, and VO 3452, a small, narrow oval-shaped frame, are full-rim flat metal styles. VO 3451 comes in sizes 49/18-135 and 51/18-135. VO 3452 is available in sizes 47/18-135 and 49/18-135. VO 3483 is a narrow, rectangle unisex nylon mounted frame available in sizes 48/18-140 and 50/18-140. Color options include lavender, blue-gray, dark pewter, natural, and satin black. Call (516) 484-3800, or go to

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