The Optometric Council on Refractive Technology (OCRT) will hold its first annual meeting and educational seminar on Wednesday, December 8, 2004, at the Tampa Convention Center prior to the American Academy of Optometry Meeting.

The OCRT was organized in February 2002, when 13 optometrists from across the country met to discuss optometrys role in refractive procedures that alter the structure of the eye to correct refractive errors (refractive technology). OCRT has since incorporated as a 501C3 not-for-profit educational corporation and affiliated with the American Academy of Optometry.

The OCRT estimates that as many as 400 optometrists will attend the meeting. Says Louis Phillips, O.D., president of OCRT: The recent decisions on the part of the Academy of Ophthalmology and ASCRS demonstrate even more so the need for this organization.
The program will include presentations about the latest technology and intraocular procedures vs. corneal procedures, and a debate on controversial topics such as comanagement and optometric ownership of laser centers. It will offer a uniquely optometric perspective on the functional rehabilitation of the human visual system through refractive technology.

The meeting will include a full day of interactive education, including breakfast, lunch and an evening social.

For answers to questions or to obtain a registration form for the meeting, e-mail Dr. Phillips at or call (724) 933-5588.

Vol. No: 141:10Issue: 10/23/04