Handy Eyeglass Clip

The Lens Friend is a versatile, one-piece, magnetic clip that can hold reading glasses, sunglasses and more on any article of clothing or bag. Made of soft silicone, the stylish yet powerful clip ensures glasses won’t fall out, nor will the device damage clothing or scratch expensive eyewear, the company says. 

The Lens Friend is available for purchase online ($12.99) in five different colors: black, ivory, light blue, royal blue and red. 



Ophthalmic Equipment

All-in-One Refraction

The Ezer Digital Practice 7800 is an all-inclusive refraction system from US Ophthalmic. Making its debut at Vision Expo West, the Ezer Digital Practice 7800 is made up of three devices that are networked to communicate as one unit to improve clinical precision and elevate your level of care, the company says: 

• ERK-7800 Autorefractor/Keratometer. Perform refractometry and keratometry alone or simultaneously, with features such as a measurement range of -25.00D to +22.00D, retro-illumination, an IOL mode and more. 

• EDR-7800 Digital Refractor. Achieve speed without sacrificing precision or the personal touch, the company says. This recently re-engineered device features a full range of built-in, customizable tests, including color blindness and near vision. It features an 8” LCD touch panel and offers 180° of tilt. 

• ECP-5400 Chart Projector. This unit’s highly versatile programmable remote control lets you randomly select any of the 31 test charts, or you can use the program feature to create your own user-defined chart sequences. The masking controls allow you to isolate horizontal and vertical lines or individual characters, and the red/green filter can be applied to any chart. 



Ophthalmic Lenses
Anti-Glare Lenses for Kids

Crizal Prevencia Kids No-Glare lenses, from Essilor, are now available through managed vision care plans offered by VSP. 

Some light is, of course, necessary for children’s vision. Blue-turquoise light helps kids see more clearly, regulates their sleep cycles and supports healthy memory, mood and brain functions, Essilor says. In light of that, Crizal Prevencia Kids is the first no-glare lens specially designed for children to selectively block harmful blue light and UV while allowing beneficial light to reach their eyes. 



Contact Lenses
E-commerce Lens Ordering
LensFerry is a new electronic service that allows contact lens wearers to quickly and conveniently order replacement lenses from any manufacturer via their mobile device, tablet or computer for fast shipment to their homes, says CooperVision, which developed LensFerry through its subsidiary WebSystem3. 

Your practice sets the price and you receive the sales revenue as if the lenses had been ordered in office. LensFerry further enhances your relationship with the patient, because all communications are customized with your practice’s name and/or logo.

If a wearer is not immediately interested in placing a lens order after an in-office appointment, you can send customized follow-up messages through LensFerry to encourage enrollment and online ordering, build wearer loyalty and maintain relationships, CooperVision says.

Now in its US beta release, the service will be part of WebSystem3’s EyeCare Prime suite later this year.