Diagnostic Technology

Shutter Glass Technology

Software version 4.0 of Smart System 2020 and PC-Plus Visual Acuity, by M&S Technologies, includes the new Shutter Glass system and flat-screen LCD monitor. This technology aids in the diagnosis of intermittent exotropia.

The new software upgrade also allows you to customize the program protocols, perform red/blue stereo testing and program the input devices. Also, the software allows for integration with Eyemaginations software and other testing devices.
This upgrade is free to current customers. Call 1-877-225-6101, or go to www.mstech-eyes.com.


Specular Microscope

The EM-3000, by Tomey, is a specular microscope with a user-friendly color touch screen. The microscope measures the thickness of the cornea and records images of the endothelium. Also, it uses seven fixation targets for peripheral photography.

The software of the EM-3000 automatically displays the morphology of the cells analyzed. Call 1-888-449-4045, or go to www.tomeyusa.com.

Childrens Occluder/
Fixation Sticks

Two new fixation sticks, by Gulden Ophthalmics, use colorful designs to aid in childrens eye exams. Model 15203 features a butterfly, and model 15204 features a star. Both include flashing LED lights. The blank reverse side of each fixation stick may be used as an occluder paddle.

Each stick is battery operated. Call (215) 884-8105, or go to www.gulden


LCD Acuity Chart

The SC-2000, by Marco, is a high-resolution 19-inch LCD acuity chart. It includes 35 different chart options that are selected via an infrared remote control. These include the standard Snellen chart, pediatric options, tumbling Es and number charts.

The user may mask, isolate and maneuver individual lines or characters. The SC-2000 also allows for letter randomization on horizontal lines. The user may pre-program sequences of charts.

Call 1-800-874-5274, or go to www.marco.com.


Contact Lenses

Daily Progressive Lenses

Focus Daily Progressives with AquaRelease, by CIBA Vision, may be fit for myopic, presbyopic, hyperopic and astigmatic patients.

AquaRelease is a sustained-release, blink-activated moisturizing agent that provides comfort for a longer period of time. The lenses are made of nelfilcon A, and have a diameter of 13.8mm. They are available in prescriptions ranging from -6.00D to +5.00D in 0.25D steps.

Call 1-800-875-3001, or go to www.cibavision.com.


Monthly Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

Biofinity silicone hydrogel contact lenses, by CooperVision, include a high water content and oxygen transmission. Using Aquaform technology, these lenses retain water, the company says.

The lenses also feature molded edges and come in a single base curve of 8.6mm, and a diameter of 14mm. Made of comfilcon A, the water content of the lens is 48%. Dk is 128, and Dk/t is 160.

These lenses are available in powers from -0.25D to +6.00D.
Call 1-800-538-7824, or go to www.coopervision.com.


Practice Management

Web Site Animations

3D-Eye Online, by Eyemaginations, allows eye-care practitioners to integrate Eyemaginations animations into individual Web sites.

Each doctor can select up to 35 animations from a menu of 100 topics, such as refractive surgery, cataract, glaucoma or presbyopia. Call 1-877-321-5481, or go to www.eyemaginations.com.


Patient Retention Program

Patient Direct, by Sauflon USA, allows practitioners to provide patients with contact lens solutions and other care products without the need to keep inventory on hand.

Patients receive a starter kit of solution and a pre-printed Patient Direct membership card. When patients order their solutions or lens care systems through the Web site, toll-free hotline or re-order cards, the profits are returned to the prescribing practice.

The newest additions to Sauflons online offerings are Sauflon Lite Multipurpose Solution and Sauflon One-Step Hydrogen Peroxide Solution.

Sauflon products are manufactured exclusively for distribution through eye-care professionals. Call 1-800-682-3240, or go to www.sauflonusa.com.


Eyewear Loss Prevention

Eyeglass Rescue, by Eyeglass Rescue, Inc., facilitates recovery of lost glasses. The program consists of four steps:
An identification sleeve is attached to the ear loop of the temple. This sleeve includes an individual bar code, toll-free number and Web site.

The patient registers his or her glasses (free of charge) on the Web site.

When lost, whoever finds the eyewear calls the toll-free number on the label, and Eyeglass Rescue matches up the barcode to the patient.

Eyeglass Rescue sends a reward to the finder of the lost glasses.

Call 1-888-950-7507, or go to www.eyeglass


Lab Equipment

Frame Software

ModShape, by ModShape, is a program that allows the user to modify the shape of a lens for edging. The A or B box measurements are adjustable, as are the circumference of box A or B, the lower half of box B, and the axis of the lens.

ModShapes software appears to the network as an edger to retrieve jobs and as a tracer to return the modified job to the network. It does not require a dedicated PC, and it only needs one open serial port to link up with the network.

Go to www.modshape.com, or e-mail info@modshape.com.



Eye Vitamin Supplement

Ocuvite DF, by Bausch & Lomb, is a supplement designed for patients with diabetes.

It includes the antioxidant genistein and alpha-lipoic acid to combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, two factors of diabetic retinopathy.

Call (585) 338-6000, or go to


What"s New on the Web
Eye Care Web Site

The Web site Your Healthy Eyes, by AMO, is a user-friendly site for your patients. It offers both general information about eye health, as well as contact lens care tips for different styles of contact lens wearers. This site also provides descriptions of common ocular conditions (e.g., myopia or hyperopia) for your patients and answers to some frequently asked questions. Go to www.yourhealthyeyes.com.

Sean John by Marchon

Marchon presents a new line of ophthalmic eyewear by Sean John. This collection includes:

SJ 1002,
a womens metal modified-rectangular frame. This full-rimmed frame features diamond-shaped zyl temple tips and the script SJ logo on both temples. It is available in sizes 49/18-135 and 51/18-135, and in colors satin black, satin silver, brown pearl and satin pink.

SJ 1003, a unisex metal classic bowtie-shaped frame. This frame also features full rims, diamond-shaped temple tips and the script logo on both temples. It is available in sizes 50/18-135 and 52/18-135, and in colors satin black, satin silver, walnut and satin lilac.

SJ 2004, a unisex zyl narrow rectangular frame. This frame features wood- or horn-style detailing, and the signature logo contrasts the linear detailing of the temples. It is available in sizes 53/16-140 and 53/16-145, and in colors black, black horn, gray horn, mauve horn and blonde horn.

SJ 4006, a mens metal rectangular frame with full rims and a double-bar bridge. This frame features a logo treatment of heavy metal strips. It is available in sizes 55/17-140 and 57/17-140, and in colors shiny gunmetal, shiny dark brown, satin army green and medallion (black with a gold overlay).

SJ 4007, a mens metal rectangular frame with full rims and a double-bar bridge. This frame also features a logo treatment of heavy metal strips. It is available in sizes 54/17-140 and 56/17-140, and in colors satin black, shiny brown, satin army green and satin gold.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.

Converse by REM Eyewear

REM Eyewear presents three new childrens ophthalmic frames for Converse:

Ambush, a unisex bold rectangular metal and zyl frame that features a flame detail on the temple and an aggressive bridge treatment. It is available in sizes 45/17-125 and 47/17-130, and in colors pewter, brown, navy and red.

Radical, a unisex soft rectangular metal and zyl frame that

features a temple design inspired by the Converse logo and a tooled lacing detail. This style is available in sizes 45/17-120 and 47/17-125, and in colors black, brown, pewter and lime.

Nemesis, a unisex sporty rectangular metal frame that features a tooled dot detail on the temple. It comes in sizes 44/17-120 and 46/17-125, and in colors black, brown, red and orange.

Call 1-800-423-3023, or go to www.remeyewear.com.


Barbie by REM Eyewear

REM Eyewear presents three new girls ophthalmic frames from its Barbie collection. These are:

B 339, a metal soft rectangular frame with zyl temples. This frame features laser-cut and sparkle epoxy temple treatments and contoured end pieces with stone accents. It is available in sizes 44/15-120 and 46/15-125, and in colors black ribbon, burgundy and caramel.

B 340, a metal modified oval frame. This two-tone frame features an epoxy floral treatment on the inside of the frame and complementary flowers on the end pieces. It is available in sizes 43/18-120 and 45/18-125, and in colors toffee, strawberry cream and aqua.

B 511, an acetate rectangular frame. This two-tone frame is laser-cut, which reveals the second color, and lightly etched with an overlying floral motif. It is available in size 46/15-120 and in colors black ribbon, caramel and raspberry.

Call 1-800-423-3023, or go to www.remeyewear.com

Frubi Shades

Frubi Shades are sunglasses for children between 6 months and 6 years of age. These sunglasses have an eye protection factor (EPF) of 99.5 out of 100, and they are designed to be comfortably worn by a child.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate. The frames feature a padded nose bridge, large side panels, a one-piece design and an adjustable contoured band.

Frubi Shades are available in several colors and patterns. Call 1-888-MY-FRUBI, or go to www.frubishades.com.

Donna Karan by Luxottica

Luxottica introduces three new acetate ophthalmic frames by Donna Karan. These include:

DK 1543, a mens oversized square frame that features metal detailing on the hinges. This style is available in size 50/19-140 and in colors tortoise/gold and gray.

DK 1544, a womens two-tone retro cat eye frame with contrasting molded detailing on the temples and upper frame. This frame is available in size 52/16-135 and in colors red, orange, and black and white.

DK 1547, womens modified rectangular frame that features an engraved metal logo plaque at the hinges. This frame is available in size 50/16-130 and 52/16-130.

Call 1-800-434-3800, or go to www.luxottica.com.

Core Collection by Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar announces the latest addition to its Core Collection: the Man o War. Similar to Costas Osprey and Frigate, also part of the Core Collection, this unisex nylon wraparound sunglass features removable side shields.

The Man o War is available in size 62/20-120. It comes in colors black, shiny tortoise and silver, with lens offerings of gray, amber, sunrise, vermillion, copper, blue mirror and green mirror.

Call 1-800-447-3700, or go to www.costadelmar.com.

Vol. No: 144:08Issue: 8/15/2007