Contact Lens Package Labels

New L and R contact lens package labels, from Arch Crown, are pressure sensitive, removable and will not damage packaging, the company says. Two styles are available: black lettering on a clear label (style P289LRC) and red lettering on a white label (style P289LRW). These labels come in packs of 1,000 sets each. 
Call 1-800-526-8353 or go to www.ArchCrown.

Contact Lens Care

Antimicrobial Lens Case
The PRO-GUARD Lens Case, from CIBA Vision, has an antimicrobial agent to reduce lens case contamination. The case has a layer of silver ions; as the case is used, these ions are released to preserve the antimicrobial agent.
The PRO-GUARD Lens Case is available with AQuify Multi-Purpose Solution at retail locations.

Call 1-800-875-3001, or go to www.cibavision.com.

Lab Equipment

Spring Hinge Replacement Tool
The patented StopFlex tool, from AIT Industries and DB Optic of France, allows you or your lab technician to efficiently replace spring hinge screws without harming the hinge or frame, AIT says. The tool facilitates walk-in repairs of spring hinges, the company says.
An online video demonstration of the StopFlex tool is available. Call 1-800-729-1959, or go to www.aitindustries.com.

Blocker Software Enhancement

The Dimetrix lens verification and finish blocker, from Gerber Coburn, has been upgraded to allow you or your lab technician to view both eyes before blocking the second lens. The device also includes left and right prism imbalance settings to confirm that progressive lenses are within prism tolerances.
Another new feature: a manual offset mode for block axis that allows you to manually set an offset for production. Also, Dimetrix now recognizes dotted lenses. The 2005 American National Standards Institute tolerances are set as a default, although individual labs may customize these settings.

Call (860) 648-6600, or go to www.gerbercoburn.com

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Test

The Dry Eye Test, or DET, from Amcon Labs, is a fluorescent strip used to determine tear break-up time (TBUT). The strip delivers 1L of fluorescein dye to the ocular surface without compromising the tear film, the company says. Patients usually feel nothing when the DET strip is applied to the bulbar conjunctiva, Amcom Labs says.
Call1-800-255-6161, or go to www.amconlabs.com or www.dryeyetest.com.

Whats New On The Web

Online Training

STIMULEYE Basic Optics, from Essilor Laboratories of America, is an online dispensary-training program for eye care professionals. It features these five courses:

Eye Function and Ophthalmic Solutions.
 Interpreting the Rx for Optimal Vision.
 Physiological Considerations for Progressive Lenses.
 Benefits of AR lenses.
 Dispensing for Success.

Each course uses a training kit for hands-on experience.

Go to www.stimuleyeonline.com.

Practice Management

Management Software
Practice Director, practice management software from Williams Group, lets you consolidate your records into one program. The central system of Practice Director is an electronic medical records keeper.
Written using JAVA by Sun Microsystems, Practice Director can operate on Windows, Mac or Linux. You can install updates
via a secure Internet connection. 
Call 1-800-676-9076, or go to www.PracticeDirector.com.


Excimer Laser System Approved by FDA
The MEL 80 Excimer Laser System, from Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc., recently received FDA approval for myopic corrective surgery. The MEL 80 uses a small spot size and Gaussian beam profile to create an even corneal ablation and protect the surrounding tissue, the company says.
Call (925) 557-4100, or go to www.meditec.zeiss.com.

Patient Education

Eye Models
The ICL (Implant-able Contact Lens), Corneoplastique, and the EPI (Epi-LASIK) eye models, from Gulden Ophthalmics, are designed to facilitate patient and staff education about the techniques of each procedure. Each model is realistically colored and textured according to the procedure it represents, the company says.
Call 1-800-884-2250, or go to www.guldenindustries.com.

Exam Equipment

Polarized Film

Polarized film for printing vectrograph slides, available from International Polarizer, is designed to help you assess the patients gross and fine depth perception. This film may help identify childrens visual problems, such as amblyopia and strabismus, the company says.
The film is developed using a proprietary adhesion process and holds an image on both sides. The result: a polarized picture that appears three dimensional when viewed through polarized lenses.

Call 1-800-323-2487, or go to www.ppgopticalproducts.com.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Sun Lenses

Blue or green embedded mirror lenses, from Costa Del Mar, are now offered as part of its 580 series. This expansion of the 580 series allows for clearer vision in more lighting conditions than previously possible, the company says.
Call (386) 677-3700, or go to www.costadelmar.com.


Preservative-Free Eyewash
OcuFresh, from Optics Laboratories, Inc., is a preservative-free eyewash made of water for injection. It can be used daily to remove bacteria and other foreign bodies, the company says. OcuFresh is packaged in sets of sealed 20ml individual-use vials.
Call 1-800-968-6788, or go to


Calvin Klein from Marchon
Marchon introduces new sunwear and ophthalmic frames in its Calvin Klein collection.
The sunwear line includes:

473S, a mens metal modified aviator frame available in brushed bronze with brown lenses, dark silver with gray gradient lenses and dark gunmetal with gray gradient lenses. It comes in size 75/08-120.

474S, mens metal rectangular aviators available in brushed bronze with green gradient lenses, dark silver with gray gradient lenses and dark gunmetal with gray lenses. It comes in size 71/13-120.

843S, an oversized oval polished zyl frame for women that features the Calvin Klein logo sketched on the temple inlay. The 843S is available in neutral hues of striped beige horn with brown gradient lenses, tortoise with brown gradient lenses, black with gray gradient lenses and khaki opal with brown gradient lenses. It comes in size 66/15-120.

827S, a womens rectangular zyl frame featuring crystals. The frame is available in black crystal with gray gradient lenses, tortoise crystal with brown lenses, rose crystal with brown gradient lenses and caramel amber with dark brown gradient lenses. It comes in size 52/16-130.

688S, a slender rectangular metal and zyl frame for men. It is available in quartz with deep brown gradient lenses, black with smoky gray gradient lenses, honey with tortoise green lenses, dark tortoise with deep brown gradient lenses and olive bark with gray lenses. It comes in size 59/14-125.

449S, a unisex rectangular metal frame with zyl and metal temples. It is available in silver with gray gradient lenses, dark bronze with brown gradient lenses, gunmetal with brown gradient lenses and black with brown gradient lenses. It comes in size 60/16-125.

824S, a dual-tone horn zyl frame for women. The frame has a modified square shape and is available in black with black horn and gray lenses, dark tortoise with caramel horn and brown lenses, brown with brown horn and brown lenses, and olive with gray horn and gradient brown lenses. It comes in size 58/13-125.

The ophthalmic line includes:

460, a mens metal and wood full-rimmed square frame. The frame features the Calvin Klein logo lasered onto the temples. It is available in warm sand, brown, and dark gunmetal colors, and comes in size 54/19-140.

461, a metal and wood scaled-down rectangular frame for men. It also features the logo and is available in warm sand, brown and dark gunmetal colors, and comes in size 51/20-140.

691, a womens rectangular zyl frame that features an engraved logo treatment on the right temple. It is available in colors Havana (light brown)/chartreuse, black/ecru, caramel/orange, blue/azure and Bordeaux/red. It comes in sizes 49/15-135 and 51/15-140.

834, a square-shaped zyl and metal frame for women. It features a crystal-accented temple detail and is available in striped crystal, berry, gray, dark tortoise, Havana (light brown), amber and charcoal. It comes in sizes 51/15-130 and 53/15-130.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com. 

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim introduces the Maui Jim Shields collection, which offers a one-piece wraparound lens with PolarizedPlus technology, as well as a new sunglass for fishing.
The Maui Jim Shields collection includes:

Breakwater, a unisex frame made of metal or Grilamid (amorphous thermoplastic). The rectangular-shaped frame comes in colors gloss black/gray, root beer/bronze, and burgundy/Maui rose, and in size 13/130-116.

Sandbar, a unisex, rectangular-shaped frame made of a nickel/silver metal alloy. It comes in colors gloss black/gray, gold/bronze and burgundy/Maui rose, and in size 13/140-116.

The Offshore sunglass for fishing is a mens rectangular frame made of Grilamid (amorphous thermoplastic). It comes in colors gloss black/gray, gloss black/bronze and gloss black/Maui rose, and in size 17/72-120. This frame features a side window for visibility.

Call 888-628-4546 or go to www.mauijim.com.

Harley-Davidson from Viva International

Viva International Group introduces three new collections in its Harley-Davidson line: the H-D2 and the Strong and Defined collections for men, and the Super Wide Flex collection for children. 
The H-D2 collection features three metal frames, each in a modified square shape:

HD 233, available in colors antique brown, black and gunmetal, and in size 51/19-140.

HD 234, available in colors antique brown, black and silver, and in size 49/19-140.

HD 235, available in colors antique brown, black, and gunmetal, and in size 53/19-140.

Each frame in the H-D2 collection features a minimalist metal piece with small grooves and the HD logo.

The Super Wide Flex metal grouping for children comes in colors antique silver, black, brown, blue, burgundy, dark gunmetal, gunmetal and light brown.

It includes:

HD 245, a modified round shape in size 41/17-130.

HD 246, a modified square shape in size 44/17-135.

HD 247, a modified oval shape in size 42/19-130.

The Super Wide Flex frames feature super flex hinges, adjustable nose pads and the HD logo on the temple. 

The Strong and Defined full metal rim collection for men includes three styles:

HD 242, a sleek modified square frame that comes in colors satin black, satin brown and satin gunmetal, and in size 55/17-145. This frame features a double bar bridge.

HD 243, a modified square frame that comes in colors satin black, satin brown or silver, and in size 54/17-145.

HD 247, a traditional square frame that comes in colors brown, satin black and satin gunmetal, and in size 55/17-145.

The Strong and Defined frames have spring hinges, plastic temple tips, and adjustable nose pads.
Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.

Vogue from Luxottica

Luxottica has added three womens sunglass frames and three ophthalmic frames to its Vogue collection.

The sunglass line now features:

VO 2443S, a sleek rectangular zyl frame. Available colors are chocolate, plum and crme, or coffee/caramel with gray fade, gray, or brown fade lenses. It comes in size 55/18-135.

VO 2444S, a rectangular zyl frame available in colors black, coffee/blue, and black/brown/cream with gray fade, gray/orange or gray lenses and in size 61/17-125.

VO2445SB, a rectangular/square fusion zyl frame. It is available in colors black, cranberry/beige, coffee/caramel with a white stripe with gray fade, rose, or brown fade lenses, and in size 57/18-130.
The VO 2444S and the VO2445SB include APX polycarbonate lenses. Also, each frame in the sunglass line can be used for prescription glasses.

The three ophthalmic frames include:

VO 2427, a unisex zyl frame with a deep rectangular shape. It comes in contrasting colors denim/brown horn or forest green/tortoise, and in sizes 51/15-140 or 53/15-140.

VO 3557, a wide rectangular monel frame for women. It features zyl temples and is available in colors plum, dark teal/lime, black/ crystal/white and brown/ mango with a lavender stripe, and in sizes 50/19-140 and 52/19-140.

VO 3560, a womens narrow rectangular metal frame. It comes in colors cherry/metallic blue, black and black/white, and in sizes 48/18-135 and 50/18-135. 

Call (516) 484-3400, or go to

Vol. No: 143:11Issue: 11/15/2006