Eni-Eye Soft K

AccuLens" Eni-Eye Soft K Contact Lens received additional FDA approval in August for post-surgical visual enhancement and the correction of irregular astigmatism due to natural or post-surgical conditions. The lens was previously only approved for daily wear for keratoconus patients.

The Soft K design utilizes pressure-balancing holes that allow for improved alignment throughout the visual axis. The accommodation of residual astigmatic correction is made possible with the incorporation of a toric design with the Soft K.

The lens is available in up to ­2.00D of cylinder for those highly astigmatic patients.
The Soft K is available in a three-lens diagnostic fitting system. Call 1-800-525-2470, or go to

Vertex Toric XR
CooperVision"s Vertex Toric line of disposable contact lenses has a new sibling: the Vertex Toric XR.

Designed to accommodate a larger population of astigmatic patients, the Vertex Toric XR features three cylinders: ­2.75D, ­3.25D and ­3.75D. All three cylinders are available in 0- to 180-degree axes, or around the clock in 5-degree steps. Sphere powers range from +6.00D to ­8.00D.

The Vertex Toric XR comes in a light blue tint to be more visible when inserting and removing. The lens has a flexible wear schedule and is available in a six-pack. Call 1-800-341-2020, or go to

Small-Environment Lens
Shamir Insight Inc. has expanded its Shamir Office Small-Environment Lens. The lens is now available in polycarbonate material. Also, the power range has been expanded to ­2.25D and can meet the needs of patients who require high reading additions of +2.50D to +3.50D. Call 1-877-742-6471, or go to

ColorMatic Extra
Rodenstock has added ColorMatic Extra Brown in a 1.56 lens index to its spectacle line. The new addition is available in both Progressive AT and Cosmolit Single Vision lens designs, as is its sibling, the ColorMatic Extra Grey.

Rodenstock says that ColorMatic Extra"s uniform photochromic molecule distribution enables the lenses to consistently activate when the wearer moves between the indoors and outdoors. The technology also allows the lenses to tint up to 50% when the wearer is driving. And, if a single lens is damaged or the patient"s prescription changes, both lenses do not have to be replaced to achieve a color and performance match. Call 1-888-407-3937, or go to

Essilor has extended its Varilux line of ophthalmic lenses with the VariluxLiberty and the addition of Airwear to the Varilux Ellipse line.

VariluxLiberty is a progressive lens designed for those transitioning from bifocals and features the company"s "Instant Reading Power," a combination of near vision width, near vision softness and near vision binocularity.

The VariluxLiberty line is available in 1.50 Index and Airwear, and Essilor expects it to be available in 1.50 Transitions by early November. It is available with Crizal and Crizal Aliz anti-reflective coatings.

Varilux Ellipse Airwear is a smaller progressive lens designed for super light and thin frames. This lens is available in base curves of 1.75D, 3.00D, 4.00D, 5.75D and 7.25D, a power range of +6.00D to ­10.00D, up to ­4.00 cylinder and add powers of +0.75D to +3.00D (0.25D steps). Varilux Ellipse Airwear is also available in the Crizal and Crizal Alize coatings. Call 1-800-377-4567, or go to


The AccuPach V, from Accutome Inc., is a light, portable pachymeter that is desktop, slit lamp or wall mountable and has an adjustable handle/stand for viewing at different angles. It features a monochrome Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and touch screen and uses a 10.5MHz composite probe.

The AccuPach V lets you enter IOP, then provides a corrected IOP based on corneal thickness measurements. The machine can store up to nine measurements for each eye. It also provides a synthesized voice output of each measurement and displays the measured cor-neal thickness, entered IOP, corrected IOP and average and standard deviation for all stored measurements. An optional printer that provides a data printout with the date and time recorded is also available.

Trials are available for all ultrasound equipment. Call 1-800-979-2020, or go to


Intraocular Lens
The Versyse Phakic Intraocular Lens from Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) received FDA approval in September for the correction of myopia ranging from ­5.00D to ­20.00D in patients ages 21 and older who have less than ­2.50D of astigmatism. These same patients must have a documented stability of manifest refraction for six months, a normal iris and an anterior chamber depth greater than 3.2mm.

According to the FDA study, which included more than 1,100 patients:
* 100% saw 20/40 or better following the procedure.
* 90% reported overall satisfaction.
* No patients developed swelling of the cornea.
* Three patients developed cataracts.
 Call 1-800-366-6554, or go to
Crystalens, an accommodating intraocular lens from Eyeonics Inc., is now also indicated for presbyopic patients who undergo cataract surgery. As such, the company has revised their labeling. Crystalens initially received FDA approval in November 2003 for visual correction of aphakia in adult patients following removal of a cataractous lens.
The company says the haptic lens (with a 1mm thick optic, 4.5mm diameter and an overall length of 11.5mm) provides a continuous range of vision from distance through intermediate to near vision. The lens features hinges at the haptic optic junction. At the end of each plate, polyamide loops anchor the lens into the capsular bag. When the capsular bag heals by fibrosis, it applies end-to-end pressure on the plates and forces the optic backward against the vitreous. The ciliary muscle is paralyzed with a drop of atropine during the healing process. Call 1-866-393-6642, or go to


Rodenstock introduces two new Ti-Lite Frames: models 4437 for men and 4438 for women. Both models are made of beta titanium and come in a modified oval shape. Model 4437 (seen below) is available in colors black, blue, brown and titanium gold and in sizes  51/18-140 and 53/18-145. Model 4438 comes in colors green, brown, blue and bordeaux and in size 49/20-135.

Ti-Lite designs are durable yet flexible rimless, corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic frames that are designed to hold both single-vision and progressive lenses. Call 1-888-407-3937, or go to www.roden
Marchon Eyewear Inc. introduces two new frames and a palette display. M812T, a unisex plastic frame with rectangular spectacle slots, comes in sizes 48/16-135 and 50/16-140. M814T, a plastic oval or "cat eye" frame for women, comes in sizes 47/15-130 and 49/15-135. Both frames are available in colors ruby/cream, magenta, ultramarine, onyx/horn, tortoise/green apple and chocolate/sand.
The Palette Display features a backdrop of all six-frame colors. You can mount the display in your dispensary or use it in a display case. Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to
Ecko and Ellen Tracy
Viva International Group introduces five new frames for women--two under the Ecko Unltd. Frame collection called "Endless Possibilities" and three from Ellen Tracy Eyewear. 
The Endless Possibilities collection (right) features:
* Model 3012, a plastic modified oval shape that comes in colors olive/amber, rose/lime and tortoise/crystal.
* Model 3013, a rectangular frame that comes in colors slate blue/crystal, black/coral stripe, brown/crystal and red/white stripe.
Both models are constructed with a two-toned double laminate, feature the Ecko Unltd. rhino logo on the temples and come in size 52/17-145.
The new Ellen Tracy frames (right) include:
* ET 310, an egg-shaped frame that comes in colors cognac, lavender and pink and in size 50/17-135.
* ET 311, a soft rectangular-shaped frame that comes in colors bu  rgundy, gunmetal and satin brown and in size 49/17-135.
* ET 312, a geometric shape that comes in cocoa brown, periwinkle and pink and in size 52/17-135.

All three frames are made of metal and come with detailed jeweled rhinestones on the temples. The frames also feature flex hinges and adjustable nose pads to create wearer comfort. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to
Tommy Hilfiger
Viva International introduces two unisex frames for the Fall 2004 season from Tommy Hilfiger:
* TH 3054, a rectangular plastic frame, comes in colors black, tortoise, blue and bone and size 51/15-140.
* TH 3044, a modified narrow rectangular plastic frame, comes in colors black, tortoise, pink and blue. Its size is 52/17-135.

The image featured here will appear on an S-curve counter card that measures 8-by-10 inches and a 24-inch square double-sided banner. Both are available for either window or in-dispensary display. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Vol. No: 141:10Issue: 10/23/04