Ophthalmic Lenses
Prescription Sun Lenses

Carl Zeiss Vision will be the sole U.S. distributor of Intercast Europe’s NXT Rx lenses. These lenses are made with a proprietary “confined tinting” process in which the tine actually permeates the front of the lens—up to 0.9mm, which allows for color stability, photochromic performance and UV protection for the life of the lens. NXT lenses are made from Trivex and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including matte tints, mirror tints, photochromic tints and polarized/photochromic treatments. Call (858) 790-7700 or go to www.vision.zeiss.com.

Diagnostic Technology
LED Slit Lamp

The BQ 900, from Haag-Streit U.S.A., is an LED slit lamp. It was approved by the FDA in the first quarter of this year. The LED light source produces less thermal, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, the company says. LED light is also more homogenous and resistant to yellowing than traditional tungsten bulbs. The longevity of the bulbs is also beneficial.
The BQ 900 includes integrated, ergonomic user controls—including dedicated slit and background lighting controls.
Call 1-866-417-3802 or go to www.haag-streit-usa.com.

Flexible Ophthalmic Lenses

TruFocals allow the user to adjust the focus of their lens instantly. The region of sharp focus is not limited to a small zone, but rather, it spans the entire field of vision. Each lens is actually two lenses—one flexible and one firm. The flexible lens, nearer to the eye, includes a distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface, with optical fluid between the membrane and the surface. The user can adjust a slider on the bridge to push the fluid forward and change the shape of the membrane and flexible lens.
Call 1-800-900-3700 or go to www.trufocals.com.

Intraocular Lens

Bausch + Lomb has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to offer the Crystalens AO intraocular lens in 0.25D steps. The Crystalens, which was first approved by the FDA in 2003, and the Crystalens AO is the fifth generation of the only FDA-approved accommodating lens. Two models of the Crystalens AO will offer quarter diopters: models AT50AO and AT52AO, in the range of 18 to 22. Call 1-800-553-5340 or go to www.bausch.com.

Laser System
The IQ 532, by Iridex Corporation, is a high-powered, 532nm, dual-port, multipurpose laser system for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma (as well as for the treatment of conductive hearing loss by otolaryngologists). Similar to the IQ 577, the IQ 532 features dual-port laser output and a graphic touchscreen interface. Dual-port connectivity permits the exchange of multiple delivery devices with a single touch. Call 1-800-388-4747 or go to www.iridex.com.

Exam Equipment

New curved, locking precision tweezers are available from Gulden Ophthalmics. The four-inch tweezers feature smooth jaws with built-in slots for punctal or collagen plugs. The jaws are also capable of holding Castroviejo needles firmly without damaging them, the company says. These tweezers are intended for precision procedures, such as removing foreign objects from the eye. The stainless steel instrument features knurled handles for a firm (yet comfortable) grip. It is balanced for optimal control, and the ambidextrous design allows for left- or right-handed use.Call (215) 884-8105, or go to www.guldenophthalmics.com.

Dry Eye
Lubricant Drops
Soothe Xtra Hydration lubricant eye drops are now available from Bausch + Lomb. The new drop is aligned with findings from the Dry Eye WorkShop (DEWS), which defined aqueous-deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye. Soothe Xtra Hydration moisturizes and restores the deficient aqueous and mucin layers of the tear film. Call 1-800-553-5340 or go to www.bausch.com.

AMD Supplement

Eye Pro MD, from Valensa International, is an eye health supplement that contains the carotenoids astaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin. It also features a proprietary omega-3/phospholipid delivery system. The formula was developed based on results of the Carotenoids and Antioxidants in Age-Related Maculopathy Italian Study (CARMIS). Call 1-877-876-8872 or go to www.valensa.com.

What's New on the Web
Supplier Website Redesign
OCuSOFT has redesigned its website. The new site includes resources for both doctors and patients regarding the company’s products, ophthalmic supplies and information on ocular surface conditions. The site’s user-friendly interface, improved navigation, simple search options and secure online shopping cart allow for a better online experience and convenient online ordering. Go to www.ocusoft.com.

Guess by Viva International Group

The Back to School 2010 Tween optical collection from Guess includes six fun, fashion-forward frames that feature bold, vibrant jewel tones contrasted with neutral hues. Logo treatments include gothic-style “G” logo plaques, scrambled Guess logos, and color-fill “G” logos with such embellishments as rhinestones, inlaid butterflies and embossed treatments. This collection includes:

• GU 9035, a rectangular semi-rimless girls’ frame that features a contrasting metal face and acetate temples. It is available in size 46/17/135 and in colors black, brown, purple and teal.
• GU 9036, a modified oval girls’ frame that includes a metal face and acetate temples. The temples feature an embellished logo treatment and contrasting inner color. This style comes in size 46/16-135 and in colors black, brown pink and purple.
• GU 9038, a modified rectangular girls’ metal frame with a delicate face offset by wider temples. The frame is available in size 46/16/130 and in colors black, brown pin and purple.
• GU 9044, an updated retro acetate girls’ rectangular frame. This style includes a dimensional temple detail. It is offered in size 48/16-130 and in colors blue, black and brown.
• GU 9045, a rectangular unisex frame with slim metal temples. The frame features a minimalist logo treatment on the temple. It comes in size 48/16-135 and in colors blue, black and gunmetal.
• GU 9048, an oval acetate girls’ frame. The frame features contrasting layers of color on the face and arms for a dimensional effect that’s emphasized by the cutout temple treatment. It is available in size 46/16-135 and in colors black, brown plum and purple.

A current promotion for this line includes a Guess denim pencil case with every frame purchased. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.

Harley-Davidson by Viva International Group
Viva introduces the new Wild Child collection by Harley-Davidson Eyewear. The collection captures the spirit of the brand while delivering adventurous, dynamic style for tweens. It consists of 12 styles for boys and three for girls. All feature one of a variety of bold temple treatments and innovative designs. The boys’ styles include:

• HD 334, HD 335 and HD 336, metal frames that feature the H-D script logo lasered onto each temple, along with a step-down accent. HD 334 is available in size 48/18-135 and in colors dark brown, satin gold and satin olive. HD 335 comes in size 49/17-135 and in colors brown, gunmetal and satin olive. HD 336 comes in size 47/17-135 and in colors dark brown, gunmetal and satin gold.
• HD 337, HD 338 and HD 339, sporty frames that highlight straight-edged acetate temples and a skull logo. Each frame has a rectangular metal front. HD 337 is available in size 51/18-130 and in colors satin black/gray, satin dark brown/light gray, satin gunmetal/dark navy and satin dark teal/black. HD 338 comes in size 51/17-130 and in colors shiny black/black, gunmetal/brown, dark navy/dark gray and satin brown/burnt orange. HD 339 comes in size 50/18-130 and in colors gunmetal/black, orange/dark brown, satin black/dark gray and satin brown/dark navy.
• HD 346 and HD 347, full-rimmed and semi-rimless metal frames that include flame designs on the temples. HD 346 comes in size 49/17-132 and in colors satin black, satin light brown and satin dark gunmetal. HD 347 is available in size 49/18-132 and in colors satin black, satin dark brown and satin light gunmetal.
• HD 348 and HD 349, full-rimmed and semi-rimless metal frames that feature a step-down temple treatment. These frames also include a Harley-Davidson start button on the temples that highlights the two-toned rubber tips. HD 348 is offered in size 48/17-135 and in colors shiny gunmetal/gray/tan, satin orange/orange/gray, satin black/black/red and satin brown/navy/brown. HD 349 is available in size 47/18-135 and in colors shiny gunmetal/gray/tan, satin navy/navy/tan, satin black/gray/clear and satin brown/brown/orange.
• HD 350 and HD 351, acetate frames that feature the skull logo laser-etched into the temples. HD 350 is available in size 48/16-135 and in colors shiny gunmetal/tortoise, satin black/black and satin dark brown/brown. HD 351 comes in size 48/17-135 and in colors shiny gunmetal/dark gray, satin navy/navy/black, satin black/black and satin light brown/tortoise.

The girls’ styles each feature enamel hearts that interlink through an openwork metal design. The group includes:

• HD 340, a modified oval acetate frame in contrasting colors—black/yellow, brown/leopard and burgundy/orchid. It is available in size 50/15-135.
• HD 341, a soft oval frame that comes in color combinations black/lavender, brown/yellow and burgundy/pink. It comes in size 50/16-135.
• HD 342, a full-rimmed metal frame in a modified oval shape. It features rhinestone accents in the heart motif. It is available in size 50/17-135 and in colors purple, rusty red and golden sand.

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.