Contact Lenses
B+L Unveils PureVision2 For Astigmatism
The latest in the PureVision line, PureVision2 For Astigmatism lenses, features HD optics and incorporates Auto Align Design, a stabilization system designed to deliver all-day clear vision with stability and comfort. The optimized thickness profile has a combination of prism and peri blasting for enhanced stability. The large lens diameter of 14.5mm provides more area for ballasting and improves centration for visual quality.

According to the company, PureVision2 HD For Astigmatism lenses reduce spherical aberration across both the cylinder and sphere meridians, as well as across the entire power range, thus helping to reduce halos and glare in low-light conditions. The lenses provide high levels of oxygen transmissibility during wear and are packaged in a moisture-rich packing solution for comfort upon insertion.

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Vision Assessment
IVA System

The Interactive Vision Assessment (IVA) system, recently introduced by Precision Vision and developed by August Colenbrander, M.D., gives patients a four-button remote control as their response unit.

So, for instance, when patients see one of the four possible Tumbling E positions (or one of four Landolt C positions, Patti Pic or HOTV choices), they respond using the remote control. If the response is correct, the next stimulus is one step smaller. If the response is incorrect, the next stimulus is one step larger. The system runs the test by going up and down to determine a patient’s visual threshold and remains independent of any observer bias. Children are drawn to the system because they think it’s a computer game. Older adults enjoy the interactivity and view the visual cues as a type of challenge, the company says. 

The IVA system also offers letter charts in an ETDRS format with a choice of standardized optotypes and can display fixation marks, phoria tests calibrated in prism diopters, various Amsler grids or a Worth 4-dot test.

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iExaminer for iPhone 4
With the iExaminer hardware and app from Intuitive Medical Technologies, now you can take fundus photos with the iPhone 4. The hardware marries the iPhone 4 to the Welch Allyn PanOptic, allowing users to record the fundus exam and pull photos to be stored, printed and/or shared.

The app walks users through standard documentation of a full eye exam, including visual acuity, pupils, ocular motility, visual fields, intraocular pressure and anterior exam.

The complete unit is extremely portable, and photos can be printed wirelessly from any location where there is a network connection. The iExaminer has been tested in a clinical setting and can be used by clinical technicians, practitioners and teachers. It takes simultaneous video and high-resolution photographs, which allows the user to pick the best photos from the imaging session.

The iExaminer hardware can be found at and the app is available from Apple’s App Store.

Digital Slit Lamp
A new iPhone 4 adaptor for the Keeler Portable Slit Lamp (PSL) enables ophthalmic video capture, turning the PSL into an instant digital slit lamp with high-resolution video. With the new adaptor, the iPhone 4 is simply connected to one of the PSL’s eyepieces. In seconds, the portable slit lamp can capture video footage, an ideal platform for telemedicine. Practitioners can use captured video for diagnosis, teaching, patient communication and record keeping. Keeler’s PSL takes advantage of the iPhone 4’s full imaging capabilities along with linked e-mail to upload video clips.

This is the latest addition to Keeler’s Classic Portable Slit Lamp, designed to allow the practitioner to perform a quality eye examination anywhere for a variety of populations, including pediatric, elderly, and disabled patients and even veterinary eye exams on animals of all sizes.

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Imaging Technology
Optos Daytona
Optos plc unveiled Daytona, the newest member of its family of ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices. Comparable to P200C image quality,    Daytona includes new cutting edge options such as ultra-widefield autofluorescence. It provides a 200° view of the retina in a single capture through its patented Virtual Point technology, producing a high-resolution, high-contrast image—the optomap. This comprehensive view offers practitioners an opportunity to identify and follow peripheral pathology as well as central pole abnormalities. The high-resolution digital images can be easily stored for later study, future reference or comparison, and shared with other providers.

Weighing only about 60 pounds, Daytona features a smaller, sleeker design and an improved user interface with intuitive, workflow-based software. Optos received 510(k) FDA clearance to market Daytona in August 2011 and will begin shipping the new device in early 2012.

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Calvin Klein Collection
The Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2011 collection from Marchon Eyewear, Inc., incorporates high quality and sophisticated luxury into both its men’s and women’s frames. Sleek, architectural lines and industrial embellishments on the translucent frames create a clean, minimalist look. Vintage-shaped sunglasses and a burst of color are further enhanced with a unique clip-on. Each women’s frame features luxurious horns that contrast translucent and gradient zyls to highlight its femininity. A sophisticated color palette plays a key role in this season’s collections.

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Michael Kors Collection
Marchon introduces the Michael Kors 2012 Sun collection, designed to encapsulate glamor and luxury. The company says its delicately sculpted silhouettes are made from the finest materials to deliver polished and refined elegance.

Classic round, cat eye and teacup shapes are modernized with iconic hardware. Opaque pearlized gradients to crystal hues, rich metal tones and beautiful horn colorations complement the high-quality craftsmanship and design. 

Teresa is a square frame that features sophisticated metal accents on each corner. The oversized style is crafted with rich plastics and enhanced with subtle metal details.

The Campbell and Jeanette feature the signature “Tonne” hardware that can be found on collection handbags. Soft lines comprise Campbell’s rounded cat eye silhouette while Jeanette is a modified rounded frame.

Bretton and Anderson are sleek and elegant frames made from skillfully crafted titanium. Lightweight and comfortable, Bretton’s soft round shape complements the modern look of this style, while Anderson’s square look continues the contemporary theme of the sunglass collection.

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Diagnostic Technology
iPac Pachymeter
Reichert Technologies recently launched its new iPac Pachymeter, which provides highly accurate CCT measurements by identifying a greater variety of patient statistics during the measuring process. Accessed through a single five-way button, the intuitive user interface makes setup easy. The color display can be customized to show IOP correction, standard deviation and L/R or OD/OS notation in seconds. According to the company, these pre-programmed user settings are designed to make exams more efficient for the user.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows eye care professionals to use the iPac anywhere in their practice. You can then send measurement data directly to your EMR system or the optional printer. The color LCD screen automatically rotates to the ideal viewing position for the most accurate readability, while the lightweight, ergonomic design of the iPac promotes comfort and maneuverability during patient measurements. The lithium ion battery can be charged with the included USB cable or the optional charging cradle.

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On the Web
Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand
The American Optometric Association recently launched an online resource for its members called Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand. The advanced point-of-care tool delivers immediate access to an ever-expanding offering of resources, such as pharmaceutical product prescribing information, patient education on products and medical conditions, coupons and patient assistance programs.

Members will be able to view more than 10,000 commercially available products and will also have the ability to connect with industry and peers, participate in market research and easily find clinical trials suitable for their patients by searching the largest U.S. clinical trial database with an easy-to-use interface.

Coming soon will be an e-prescribing platform. Available on the home page of the AOA website, Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand provides a single place for members to find a full array of available product resources, easy to search and easy to order, all at no cost. 

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