Diagnostic Technology
All-In-One Ocular Response Analyzer
The new all-in-one Ocular Response Analyzer from Reichert Technologies eliminates the need for a separate PC and optimizes space utilization. It’s designed to provide better overall signal quality and improved measurement repeatability for more reliable results.

With left/right mounting, 180° rotating, tilt screen and an intuitive touch-screen user interface, the new device is easier for clinicians to use, the company says. It also features an internal CPU, on-board operating system and 160GB hard drive and also is available with an optional motorized chin-rest. For more information, visit www.reichert.com.

RTVue XR FD-OCT features motion-correction widefield 3D, up to 12mm by 12mm.

Imaging Technology
Optovue RTVue XR FD-OCT
Optovue received FDA 510(k) clearance for the updated XR version of their RTVue FD-OCT system, which brings 70,000 A-scans/second to spectral-domain OCT. With real-time tracking and the updated SharpVue feature, the speed of the RTVue XR can reduce the incidence of motion artifacts while allowing for greater scan averaging output, the company says.

The new updated system also includes motion correction widefield 3D, a high-density data cube that is designed to provide a nearly motion-free image.

The XR version is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of 2012. For more information, visit www.optovue.com.

ADDvantage Digital Progressive Lens
Super Systems will now carry trademark recognition for their ADDvantage line of premium high-definition progressive lenses. The lens is marked and measured for digital accuracy, allowing for a precision finish, the company says. It offers an affordable price point and is available in regular and short corridor, with or without a Premium AR Coating and Sunsensor technology.

Regular corridor progressives are intended to fit larger frames and have a longer progression to add power; short corridor progressives are designed to fit smaller modern frames, with a quicker progression to add power, compensating for lost space with the smaller design. ADDvantage also is available with Sunsensor technology by Corning, which changes its tint based on UV light. For more information, visit www.superoptical.com.

Contact Lenses
CooperVision Avaira Toric
The FDA recently granted a Special 510(k) clearance for CooperVision’s Avaira Toric two-week silicone hydrogel contact lenses for astigmatism. The company re-launched Avaira Toric, with shipments available for select distribution beginning early this month. The lenses have an optimized ballast design for lens stability, designed to provide patients with excellent visual acuity. The consistent fit across the power range offers eye care practitioners a great option for a wide range of astigmatic patients.

Avaira contact lenses are designed to attract and retain moisture within the lens material without the need for surface treatment or wetting agents. This is thanks to Aquaform Comfort Science, which makes it the only two-week silicone hydrogel toric that is naturally wettable, the company says. For more information, visit www.coopervision.com.

Dry Eye Therapy
Ocusoft Retaine MGD
A new therapy for individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome and meibomian gland dysfunction, Ocusoft Retaine MGD Ophthalmic Emulsion is packaged in 30 single-dose vials and will be the first product in a complete line of Retaine brand artificial tears. It is the only preservative-free, oil-in-water emulsion that moisturizes, lubricates and protects moderate to severe dry eyes, the company says.

It uses Novasorb Technology, a proprietary cationic process of binding positively charged ions to the negatively charged ocular surface, to prolong corneal contact time and enhance comfort. The hypotonicity of the emulsion adds moisture by lowering the salt concentration of tears, while the lipid component lubricates and protects the surface of the eye.

Special discount pricing is available to doctors dispensing from their office; however, patients also may order online directly at www.retainebrand.com. For more information, visit www.ocusoft.com/retainemgd.

Office Supplies
Instrument Identification Tape

Wilson Ophthalmic now offers a new way to identify and color code your instruments. The ID sheet tape comes in 54 different colors and designs— stripes, solids, stars and many others are available to clearly identify each instrument.

These sheet tapes come in full 8.5” x 11” pages of the same pattern or color, and have (44) 2-inch strips, (44) one-and-a-half-inch strips and (220) one-inch strips per page.

For more information or to place an order, visit www.WilsonOphthalmic.com.

Books and Reference Materials
Eyefoods, A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes 
As a way to educate people regarding the benefits of good nutrition on vision, Laurie Capogna, O.D., and Barbara Pelletier, O.D., developed and published Eyefoods, A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes—now in its fourth printing.

Developed after years of research, the book gives patients the necessary knowledge to make food and lifestyle choices that will help preserve their eye health. Based on current scientific research, filled with tips and photos in an easy-to-read format, it’s a great book to have in any waiting room, the authors say.

To purchase copies of Eyefoods, visit www.eyefoods.com. To learn more about retailing Eyefoods in your optometry practice, e-mail sales@eyefoods.com.

The Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care & Eye Surgery
On the anniversary of his 35th year illustrating ophthalmic conditions and procedures, ophthalmic artist Stephen F. Gordon releases the Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care & Eye Surgery. Edited by Columbia Eye Consultants’ Timothy Holekamp, M.D., its didactic ophthalmic illustrations depict three decades of eye care history, breakthroughs and innovations to date, including the latest AMD injection approaches. 

The atlas was created for the educational needs of a wide range of audiences—including seasoned physicians, new staff, students and patients—as a full-reference compendium to enhance their understanding of all ocular concepts. It comes fully indexed and includes color-tabbed page edges for quick reference. 

The book is available in two versions: a premium version on gloss paper for doctors’ use and personal archives, as well as a low vision, large-print edition on low-gloss, non-reflective paper for patients. Educational institution and student discounts are available. For more information, visit sgordon.com.

Web Resources
Transitions Vantage Lenses Website
Transitions Optical, Inc. officially launched the trade website for new Transitions Vantage lenses at TransitionsVantage.com. Transitions Vantage lenses officially became available to consumers on May 1 in a variety of materials and exclusively in grey.

The site is designed to help industry professionals better understand the product and how to recommend it to patients. Visitors to the site can access product information, instructional videos, educational tools and marketing materials surrounding Transitions Vantage lenses.

After successfully completing a short quiz, eye care professionals also can sign up to receive a complimentary Transitions Vantage launch kit designed to meet their needs.

The launch kit will include a Transitions Vantage lens lorgnette sample, a glare simulator, consumer brochures, a recommendation guide, frequently asked questions and a final inspection guide with film.

Eyewear Donation
Eye Make a Difference
Eye Make a Difference, a new eyewear donation program launched by Marchon, works to give individuals the ability to live fuller lives by donating gently used eyewear. Each donated prescription frame is refurbished through the Folsom Project for the Visually Impaired and boxed for optometrists and other health care professionals to take with them on sight-related international mission trips.

For more information on how to participate in the program, visit www.marchon.com/EyeMakeADifference.

YSL Spring/Summer Eyewear 2012
As part of its eyewear offerings for spring/summer 2012, Yves Saint Laurent introduces its Capsule collection, manufactured by Safilo, composed of original and modern sunglasses and optical frames.

The look is designed to be retro and sophisticated, with materials that are light and resistant.

The multi-layered acetate models feature animal prints and unique combinations of colors, which have been exclusively developed for this edition.
The cat eye or aviator frames are available at Yves Saint Laurent flagship stores, select boutiques and various optical stores around the world.
For more information, visit www.safilo.com.

Nike Sunwear with Transitions Optical
Nike Vision has partnered with Transitions Optical to introduce new Nike MAX Transitions adaptive sunglasses, available in two styles and two lens colors. The violet color of the Golf Tint is designed to improve the contour recognition on the greens and increase ball pop. On the other hand, the green color of the Outdoor Tint is engineered to brighten the shadows, increase contrast and enhance the visual spectrum in natural environments—like hiking trails.

Nike MAX Transitions sunglasses are available in the Show X2 and SQ, two of Nike’s most popular sunglass styles.

• Show X2 features adjustable temples and an adjustable ventilated nose to offer a high level of stability and reduce fogging.
• SQ is designed to provide wide coverage with minimal visual interference.

In addition to Show X2 and SQ, the Nike MAX Transitions lens also is offered as an accessory lens in styles Skylon Ace, Skylon Ace Pro and Show X2 Pro. All of which are made from polycarbonate material and block 100% of UV rays. For more information, visit www.nikevision.com/transitions.