August 2007



Is it Dry Eye or Allergy?

Whether your patient describes the burnies, the itchies, or the itchy-burnies, here is how to make the differential diagnosis.

Diagnostic Technology

Remember When... The Evolution of Diagnostic Technology

For our 30th Annual Diagnostic Technology Report, some of optometry’s most respected veteran optometrists take a look back at how diagnostic testing has evolved.

Survey Says: Patient Care Determines Technology Purchases

O.D.s also buy new equipment to increase revenue and to improve efficiency.

Dry Eye

Eyes Left High and Dry

The proper measurement of tear film break-up may help optometrists more effectively combat dry eye.

Maui Wrap-Up

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Review's Education Conference in Maui Is a Hit!

Special Report

Contact Lens Pioneers

Key Developments in Contact Lens Materials and Design, 1975-2000



The Tools You Can't Do Without

Pachymeters? Topographers? Retinal image analyzers? Nah. No O.D. can practice without a flashlight and, say, several hundred screwdrivers.

Clinical Quandaries

Diabetes Test to Get a New Name

‘Average blood glucose’ will soon replace HbA1c as the standard for evaluating blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


There's No Turning Back

O.D.s who say, “Those were the good old days,” are not referring to practicing in their first exam room.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Is This Patient Street Legal?

This patient presented with esotropia in her left eye and needed to pass a vision test before getting her driver’s license.

Therapeutic Review

Therapy or Theatrics?

The popularity of homeopathic remedies is on the rise, but are these treatments effective?