November 15, 2012


Annual Refractive Surgery Report

An O.D.'s View on the Latest Monofocal IOLs

Here’s an overview of the features optometrists should consider when discussing single-vision cataract surgery with their patients.

Are You Losing Sight of Lasik?

As a flat-lining economy struggles to rebound, O.D.s give LASIK mixed reviews as a means to boost the bottom line.

Case Report

Ocular Complications in IV Drug Users

Two case reports illustrate the visually devastating risks associated with the use of injectable street drugs.


Slowing Myopia Progression in Children

Although you can’t cure myopia, there are an increasing number of promising treatment options you can use to curtail it.

Practice Management

EHR: Embracing the Next Stage of Meaningful Use

The Final Stage 2 Rule for meaningful use and certification of EHR technology signals some new requirements for O.D.s, while scaling back on other proposed thresholds, so don’t delay EHR adoption.



How Do You Spell ‘Success’?

Some doctors measure success by money. Then again, some doctors can’t measure even if you hold the PD ruler for them.

Clinical Quandaries

See Glaucoma from a New Angle

With glaucoma patients, keep this poem in mind: “I think that I shall never see/ An angle without gonioscopy.”

Coding Connection

5 Little Things Before 2013

Get your contracts, codes and fees in order before the year is out.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Why Isn’t MK on the Decline?

Many contact lens materials and solutions have changed in the last 20 years, but the rates of microbial keratitis haven’t followed suit. What’s the story?

Diagnostic Quiz

Cut at the Root

Patient presents for follow-up care after sustaining a blunt trauma injury to her right eye.

News Review

After the Gold Rush

Refractive surgery’s boom years are over. And now that the bloom is off the rose, its success or failure rests in your hands.

Antimicrobials—That Are Already in Your Eye

Small fragments of keratin protein in the eye play a key role in warding off pathogens.

Bimatoprost for the Bald?

Topical bimatoprost may stimulate new hair growth.

Hurricane Sandy Puts Practice Down, Not Out

Here’s the story of one New Jersey practice hit hard by the recent “superstorm.”

In the News

Here's a look at a few of the latest headlines.

Is Long-Term Anti-VEGF Use Safe?

Long-term anti-VEGF use may pose structural risks to the retina, research says.

New Antioxidant Prevents Cataract Formation

In an experiment on rats, N-acetylcysteine amide prevented cataracts from forming.

New Approach to Inhibit Pseudomonas

Novel antibody therapy inhibits inflammation in Pseudomonas.

Product Review

Product Review

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Retina Quiz

Fungal Meningitis a Factor?

This HIV+ patient recently was hospitalized for cryptococcal meningitis. Did the infection damage his eyes?

Review of Systems

Cholesterol Check-In

High cholesterol doesn’t just negatively impact your patients’ heart health; it can put their vision at risk too.

Surgical Minute

Small Pupils in Cataract Surgery

The Malyugin Ring can ensure complete dilation, helping to reduce peri- and intraoperative complications.

Therapeutic Review

Double Trouble II

Another glaucoma patient presented with double vision. Is this more serious than our previous case?