October 2009


15th Annual Refractive Surgery Report

15th Annual Refractive Surgery Report

2009 marks the 15th anniversary of Review's Annual Refractive Surgery Report.

Will LASIK Ever Bounce Back?

LASIK had its greatest year back in 2000, when consumer confidence was high. When the economy recovers, will LASIK procedures rise again?

Bridge the Gap in Informed Consent

Patients and refractive surgeons don’t always see eye to eye. Here’s how you can help bridge this gap in the informed consent process.

Bermuda Wrap-Up

Bermuda 2009—CE Under the Sunny Skies

Review’s 5th annual meeting of clinical excellence once again draws a big crowd to this island paradise.

Case Report

A Cause of Vision Loss: Not the Obvious Suspect

What is causing visual field loss in this elderly patient with AMD? Considering her age, what level of intervention is appropriate?

Diagnostic Technology

Anterior Segment OCT Revealed

With AS-OCT, you can generate in vivo, cross-sectional tissue imaging of the anterior chamber, cornea and iris like never before.

Patient Care

The Importance of Infant Eye Exams

One underserved patient population could clearly benefit from optometric care: infants! When you examine infants, you change lives.

Nutritional Therapeutics For the Eye

Nutritional supplements are playing a more prominent role in the treatment of AMD, cataract and glaucoma. Here’s how they can help your patients.



Tiny Patients Are a Big Problem

The InfantSEE program is brilliant. But, I would rather examine a rabid wolverine than a baby any day of the week.

Clinical Quandaries

A Shot Across the Brow

Last year, nearly 2.5 million Americans got Botox, and a similar drug was approved in April. Adverse events are rare, but still require care.

Coding Connection

Common Codes for the Retina

We need only a few codes for the retina, so be sure they are medically necessary.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Are You Seeing Red?

When seeing patients who have rosacea, make certain to educate them thoroughly about possible triggers and how to properly care for their eyes.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

The Nerve Trumps the Cornea

To confirm glaucoma in a suspect patient, an extensive examination of the optic nerve is more important than a measurement of corneal parameters.

News Review


Lost in Translation

Refractive technology has come a long way, but its survival and success are not merely attributable to improved outcomes. They are also due to adjusted expectations and how you communicate with your patients.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Boy Blasted by BB

A 10-year-old boy presented with a BB gun injury to his left eye. How severe is the insult and how should he be managed?

Therapeutic Review

Nasal Sprays for Itchy Eyes

The literature demonstrates that nasal corticosteroids benefit patients with ocular allergies. But, clinical experience doesn’t always agree. What’s best for your patients?