Advanced Wavefront-guided LASIK - Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision - October 2017

Shaping Recommendations

While it is incumbent upon the surgeon to deliver excellent outcomes, it often is up to the optometrist to help educate and advise the patient to such possibilities. Friends, advertising and the Internet may all be motivators, but they should not play too great a role in decision-making. This important responsibility lies with the primary eye care doctor. As such, optometrists should have in- depth knowledge about the technology that is used by the surgeons to whom they refer.

In this unique roundtable supplement, optometrists and ophthalmologists join together to share their knowledge and experience on advanced wavefront-guided LASIK and how the iDESIGN® System, in particular, has shaped their recommendations.
- Sondra Black, OD, and Marc Bloomenstein, OD

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