Capturing the Presbyopic Opportunity
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Innovation in Practice
Create a Culture of Innovation, Page 1
The Challenge to Innovate; Begin with Measuring, Page 2
Changing Habits to Increase Adoption of Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses, Page 3

Applying Data for Practice Growth, Page 4
Consumer Interests vs. Eyecare Practitioner Habits, Page 5

Eyecare Practitioner Perspectives
Present Multifocals to All Presbyopic Age Groups, Page 6
Provide Innovative Solutions-Even to Happy Patients, Page 7

Research in Focus 
The 3-Zone Progressive Design: Meeting the Dynamic Needs of Today's Presbyopic Patient, Page 8

Eyecare Practitioner Perspectives 
Open the Door to Success for Former Wearers, Page 10
Successful Patients Become Practice Advocates, Page 11

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