Clinical Guide to Ophthalmic Drugs —2013

The publication of this annual Clinical Guide to Ophthalmic Drugs over the past decade would not have been possible without the leadership and vision of Mr. Richard Bay, the publisher of Review of Optometry. Our dear friend Rick succumbed to cancer in December 2012. He was truly one of the finest people we have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is with a deep sense of appreciation to Rick that we dedicate this 2013 Clinical Guide to Ophthalmic Drugs in his memory.

We continue to be thankful to the entire Review of Optometry team and to Bausch + Lomb for partnering to make this annual drug guide available to the community of optometric professionals. Because few new ophthalmic pharmaceuticals came to market this year, we have directed our focus on how best to provide treatment with the drugs we use frequently. Thankfully, there is an abundance of peer-reviewed professional literature that guides us to enhanced use of these medicines.

Furthermore, we’ve included some non-drugrelated clinical insights into the publication that we believe can enable a higher level of patient care. Do keep in mind that this drug guide is as “evidence-based” as is practical; but as full-time clinicians, it is also seasoned with 64 combined years of our own insight and intensive clinical experience in medically managing eye diseases. Everything written in this Clinical Guide to Ophthalmic Drugs is intended to enhance your patient care, and our fine profession. We thank you for taking your time to read and study this annual work.

Our very best wishes to you all,

Ron Melton, OD        Randall Thomas, OD, MPH.

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