Glaucoma Care on the Cutting Edge, 2010
We are excited to bring you the Proceedings from the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Optometric Glaucoma Society (OGS), held in Orlando, FL., November 9 to 11, 2009. In this year’s program, we covered a wide range of topics, each focusing on what is new and cutting edge. Topics included a discussion of common clinical tests, such as gonioscopy and optic disc assessment, as well as how laboratory discoveries are translated into clinical uses.

Other lecturers discussed whether ethnic differences exist in structural or functional tests and the current status of eye research funding. The 2009 Honoree, George Spaeth, MD, in his lecture “Gonioscopy and Optic Disc Assessment,” addressed the concept of visual disability and how important it is for a clinician to consider this in the overall management of a patient. In the 2009 President’s Lecture, Christopher Girkin, MD, reviewed the concept of “Race and Glaucoma” and why the disease manifests differently among groups. Peng T. Khaw, MD, PhD, who received the Research Excellence Award, enlightened us on the evolution of glaucoma surgery and how improvements in several areas are making a larger improvement in patient outcomes.

I want to thank the speakers who took time from their busy schedules to share their wisdom with our members and guests. I especially want to thank Brad Fortune, OD, PhD, 2009 OGS Program Chair, as well as Michael Sullivan-Mee, OD, 2008 Meeting Chair. I want to thank John Flanagan, MCOptom, PhD, OGS President, for consulting on the development of this supplement as well as his input in planning the meeting.

This supplement, developed by Review of Optometry in conjunction with Drs. Khaw, Flanagan, Girkin, Patella, Pasquale, Spaeth and myself, includes highlights and key points from their presentations. I want to thank Sean McKinney, who distilled these complex lectures into the articles that follow, and Alicia Cairns, who handled the graphic design. Finally, I want to thank Pfizer Ophthalmics for their support of this supplement.

Please visit the OGS Web site,, and check out our quarterly e-journal that can be sent to your e-mail account free of charge. I hope you enjoy this supplement and find it useful.

Murray Fingeret, OD
Executive Vice-President, Optometric Glaucoma Society
Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Scientific Meeting of the Optometric Glaucoma Society

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