Studies in Contact Lens Care
Hydrogen peroxide-based contact lensdisinfection systems are known for theirexceptional disinfecting effi cacy and ocularbiocompatibility. These traits have enabledhydrogen peroxide disinfection to remain animportant option for contact lens wearersover almost three decades. In that time,peroxide disinfection grew to become themarket leader and then, with the advent of“no-rub” multi-purpose disinfecting solutions,declined substantially for some years. Yet onestepperoxide disinfection has endured, andtoday it again holds a sizeable and steadilygrowing share of the market. Over the years,the advantages of peroxide disinfection havebeen proven in many types of studies.1-3

Humanclinical studies have characterized the eye’stolerance for low levels of residual peroxide towhich contact lens wearers may be exposed.And laboratory research has enabled developersto design effective neutralization systems andformulate the peroxide solution and system formaximum comfort as well as effi cacy in cleaningand disinfection. A review of these studiesshows how hydrogen peroxide-based contactlens care products in general, and CLEAR CARE®Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution in particular,can combine exceptional disinfection andcleaning with reliable neutralization of residualperoxide for safe and comfortable contact lenswear when used as directed.

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