Thirteenth Annual Handbook of Ocular Disease Management

To Our Colleagues:

We practice in an ever changing profession. New medications come out every year and the changes in diagnostic technology are amazing, posing a challenge just to keep up.

Lifelong learning is way of life for every optometrist. The committed practitioner is always looking to improve skill, experience and knowledge. This is done in many ways: keeping current with the latest literature, attending conferences and continuing education meetings and participating in collegial discussions where all have the opportunity to share ideas. Talk with colleagues about bothof your experiences and gain from them.

Among the most special of the learning experiences we have encountered is residency training. We have each completed residencies and have been intimately involved in residency education over the tenure of our careers. The value of gaining insights and experience under the thoughtful guidance of a mentor is priceless. We have always felt that the additional post-graduate year was not the end of our learning, but the beginning of the process of learning to learn. We urge everyone with the opportunity to pursue residency training to do so.

You won’t regret your decision.

We hope that you enjoy the thirteenth edition of The Handbook of Ocular Disease Management.

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