Retina Quiz

Aries Rising

Can you identify the reason for this woman’s severe decrease in acuity?

A Diagnosis for the Birds

How can this patient’s presentation and MRI explain his vision loss?

What's in Your Head?

How can this patient’s presentation and MRI explain his vision loss?

Through a Child’s Eye

A teenage boy reported no vision problems, but his retina told a different tale.

With a Cherry on Top

Is this unusual-looking presentation tied to the patient’s sudden vision loss?

A Hazy, Shaded Vision

A young, otherwise healthy patient is suddenly beset by floaters.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

How can this pediatric patient’s family history inform his diagnosis?

Manic (Foveal) Depression

Can imaging unveil the underlying issue of this patient’s unilateral blur?

A Knuckle Sandwich in the Eye

A patient reports blurry vision after a blow to the eye. What was the damage?

The Gene Genie

A patient has experienced vision troubles all his life. Could he come by it naturally?

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