If You Want Something Done—D.I.Y.

By WO Jan 2020

Mandy Bell of Advanced Eye Care in Nampa, Idaho, knows about paving your own way.

The Stories That the Eyes Tell

By WO Dec 2019

Caroline Quan is a proud advocate for creating a cohesive relationship between the fields of the arts and sciences.

Adding Nutrition to the Conversation

By WO Dec 2019

Women In Optometry advisory board member Carey A. Patrick, OD, discusses specific things patients can do to address and to maintain healthy eyes from a healthy diet in the exam room.

Looking for Gifts?

By WO Dec 2019

The holiday season is here, and we're excited to share a few creative stories that may inspire you to shop small as you begin gift giving this year.

Take Good Care of Yourself

By WO Dec 2019

You’ve taken the kids for their checkups and scheduled your parents’ doctor visits. You even went along to make sure they understand what was happening.

Illness Knocked Career Plans Off Course

By WO Nov 2019

Lynn Hellerstein, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, of Greenwood Village, Colorado, went in for a colonoscopy soon after her 50th birthday on a September day in 2002 and woke up and learned that she had a tumor in her colon.