A Penny for Your Theia Idea


For the past two years, Women In Optometry has been proud to recognize some of the most dedicated and respected women in the profession through our annual Theia awards. On November 8, 2018, in San Antonio, we’re going to do it again—and we encourage your nominations to ensure that women who may be well-known to their communities, patients, students or colleagues also become well-known to us.

What has stood out with the Theia nominations that we’ve received in the past is the level of intensity by the nominators. Some write a sentence or two about why they’re nominating a specific individual—which is perfectly sufficient—while others detail how the woman they’ve nominated has affected their career choices or provided them motivation.

This year, we’ve expanded the categories from three awards to five. We wanted to even the playing field for younger ODs who are making an impact on the profession early in their careers, and we split the previous “educator and mentor” award into two separate categories.

Do you know a woman worthy of recognition? Please click this link and nominate one or more women ODs to one of these categories. Thank you for introducing us to her; we can’t wait to learn more about these tremendous nominees.

Leadership: organizational or community leadership or advocacy
Mentoring: active role in guiding others in practice management and more beyond optometry school
Innovation: outreach, marketing, practice models, inventions, etc.
Education: inspirational, motivational educator
Young OD: an OD within 10 years of graduation who shows any/all of the above qualities