Extend Your Patient Education Into the Recommendation Phase

By WO Sep 2017

“I’ve always been big on educating patients,” says Laura DePoe, OD.

Help Increase Your Contact Lens Sales

By WO Sep 2017
Use Smart Money to help increase your contact lens sales.

Financing Option Can Remove Hesitancy About Costs of Services or Products

By WO Jun 2017

Coan Eye Care & Optical Boutique in Ocoee, Florida, is known for providing top-of-the-line eye care services and its high-end optical dispensary.

Help Increase Your Capture Rate

By WO Jun 2017

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Provide Fast Access to Eye Care and Eyewear

By WO Mar 2017

Brenda Montecalvo, OD, planned to specialize in optometric vision therapy (VT) when she was opening her cold-start practice about 26 years ago. “VT comes with a pretty big price tag,” Dr. Montecalvo says.

Offer the Option of Monthly Payments

By WO Nov 2016

Office manager Jen Pankow recalls that it was about four years ago when patients at Advanced Eye Care Professionals in Oak Lawn, Illinois, started asking her if the practice accepted CareCredit credit cards for payments.