Dry Eye Treatments Are Important but Not Inexpensive

By WO Jun 2018

In 2005, Jill Showalter, OD, and her father, Douglas Ritchie, OD, opened EyeDoctors in Vienna, West Virginia.

Use Smart Money to Help You Build a Dry Eye Practice

By WO May 2018
More than 30 million people in the U.S. suffer from some signs and symptoms of dry eye. Is your practice helping them access the products and services they need?

Use Smart Money to Help Increase Your Specialty Business

By WO Dec 2017

As eye care expands and optometric scope increases, there are increasingly more opportunities for eye care professionals to expand into relevant and profitable areas.

For Ortho-K to Work, Practitioners Need to be Confident

By WO Nov 2017

Caroline Guerrero Cauchi, OD, FIAO, of La Mesa, California, says that the field of myopia control has gained enough momentum that it won’t slow down for a long time.

Help Patients Buy All They Need

By WO Sep 2017
Are you leaving money on the table? CareCredit can help.

Extend Your Patient Education Into the Recommendation Phase

By WO Sep 2017

“I’ve always been big on educating patients,” says Laura DePoe, OD.