Top 10 FAQs for Opening a New Optometry Practice

By Kelly Kerksick Feb 2019

By Kelly Kerksick, OD—Along with the excitement of going into business for yourself, there’s often a bit of apprehension.

5 Reasons Cloud-Based Software is a Perfect Fit for My Busy Life

By Gina Wesley Feb 2019

By Gina Wesley, OD, MS, FAAO—I am a busy mom, practice owner and doctor. One who also works part-time and is constantly evaluating systems that make my life easier.

Are You Old School? Embrace EHRs to Provide High Quality Eye Care with the Best Technology Available

By Kristin O'Brien Feb 2019

By Kristin O’Brien, OD—“Paper charts? That’s so old school!” is what I often hear when I discuss the benefits of using electronic health records with students at private practice club meetings across the country.

3 Technology Time Savers for Your Practice

By Rachel Foster Feb 2019

By Rachel Foster, OD—These days the to-do list is never ending. To spend any quality time doing enjoyable things, it is important to be as efficient as possible.

5 Best Practices for Scheduling Patients

By Rachel Foster Feb 2019

By Rachel Foster, OD—As business owners it is easy to spend the day running around being the telephone repairman, janitor, HR department and accountant. With so many hats, small things can slip through the cracks.

3 Keys to a Successful Optometry EHR Switch

By Chad Fleming Feb 2019

By Chad Fleming, OD FAAO—At some point in our lives, we all have to make a decision to end something—whether it’s good or bad.