How Women Have Made Major Contributions to the Growth of Local Eye Site


Women In Optometry is proud to collaborate with Local Eye Site.

This article originally appeared on Local Eye Site's blog in March 2017 in celebration of Women's History Month. Local Eye Site is the industry leader in hiring for optometry, as well as for ophthalmology and optical, professions.

Over the last 8 years, Local Eye Site has been bootstrapped from entrepreneurial dream to a business that has employed dozens of people and is responsible for thousands of new eye care hires. To help practices achieve the most success in hiring and retention, Local Eye Site has become a publisher and thought leader on company branding and company culture.

Read on for Local Eye Site's CEO and Founder's reflections on female leadership and contribution to his enterprise, and for some ideas on how we as business owners and leaders in optometry can better level the playing field for women working in optometry and beyond.