Luxottica Announces Students for May 2018 OneSight Clinics

By WO Jan 2018

These students are preparing for an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Why Stop at One?

By WO Dec 2017

When these two ODs hit their stride, they realized that they could take on a larger role, reach a greater number of patients and be more in control of their careers by expanding into a second location. In fact, one sees no reason to stop at two.

Twin Sisters Put a Different Spin on “Double Doctor” Days

By WO Sep 2017

Sammy Hashemian, OD, and her twin sister, Honey Hashemian, OD, each came across the idea of becoming an optometrist at a different point in her undergraduate career at UCLA.

“That Was My Favorite Day”

By WO Jul 2017

When Jessica Bodamer heard through the school’s American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) trustees that Luxottica and OneSight, its global nonprofit with a mission to eradicate the global vision crisis, were inviting students to go along its May 2017 trip to Tanzania, “I knew right away I wanted to go.”

ODs and Optometry Students See Full Scale of Global Need During Mission Trip

By WO Jun 2017

In May, 13 Luxottica Retail-affiliated ODs and 25 optometry school students were part of a one-week clinic in Tanzania with OneSight.

Passing the Torch for Social Media Management

By WO Mar 2017

Britney Caruso, OD, decided it was time to ramp up her efforts on social media about a year and a half ago.