How A Simple “Thank You” Can Make You A Better Leader

By Dr. Cindy McGovern Sep 2019

Remember the last time a client, a boss or a co-worker gave you a hand-written thank-you note to tell you you’re doing a good job?

Does Your Retirement Plan Strategy Need an Update?

By Tom Zgainer Aug 2019

Be they major or minor, actions we take near term can have a decided positive or negative affect on our businesses over the long term.

Quick Tips for Achieving the Best Website for Your Practice

By Max Chekalov, DesignAdvisor Aug 2019

When setting up a website for your optometry practice, what is the most important thing to focus on?

Three Types of Stories Every Leader Should Master

By Harrison Monarth Jul 2019

By Harrison Monarth—The fact that people are wired to react so strongly to stories should motivate business leaders to develop their storytelling skills. But what business situations call for a story?

Small Business Health Insurance Preparation Checklist

By Wendy Dessler Jul 2019

By Wendy Dessler—Small business health insurance has earned itself a bad reputation in the United States. Blame changing regulations and political turmoil, but at the end of the day, a lot of people are confused about small business healthcare.

Three Ways Disability Insurance Protects Your Optometry Practice

By By Jeffrey Benowitz Jun 2019

By Jeffrey Benowitz, CLU, ChFC, of Certified Financial Services, LLC—Optometrists value the health and safety of their patients first and foremost, and their own risk for an extended absence from work can become an afterthought.