Leverage Year-end Awareness

By Nikki Iravani, OD Dec 2019

By Nikki Iravani, OD—What were your end-of-the-year marketing initiatives and promotions, beyond the typical marketing and regular social media posts you have?

Looking for Gifts?

By WO Dec 2019

The holiday season is here, and we're excited to share a few creative stories that may inspire you to shop small as you begin gift giving this year.

Energize Your Employees: Focusing on a Wellness Initiative to Prevent Employee Burnout

By Amy Green, CPO Dec 2019

By Amy Green, CPO,—Physician burnout has become a widespread phenomenon in the healthcare field and is considered a hidden healthcare crisis.

WO Marketing Diamonds

By WO Nov 2019

Nikki Iravani, OD, is always on the lookout for a great marketing tip.

Five Discussion Points When Diagnosing and Recommending Cataract Surgery

By Nadia Virani, OD Oct 2019

By Nadia Virani, OD—The number of baby boomers rise and the average age of cataract surgery decreases, the demand of cataract surgeons is inevitably soaring.

How A Simple “Thank You” Can Make You A Better Leader

By Dr. Cindy McGovern Sep 2019

Remember the last time a client, a boss or a co-worker gave you a hand-written thank-you note to tell you you’re doing a good job?