Online Appointment Scheduler and Text Reminders Save Practice Staff Time

By WO Jul 2017

For Stephanie Mitchell, OD, and her practice partner, Krys Gwizdak, OD, being busy with patients is a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem.

How Do You Manage Your Patient Relationships?

By WO Mar 2017

There was a time, about two years ago, that the staff at the Goldthwaite, Texas, office of Melanie Bartek, OD, FCOVD, would spend time every month putting labels on recall postcards and waiting for the phone to ring from people confirming their appointments.

Don't Let Patient Communications Fall to the Back Burner

By WO Nov 2016

During the early years of ownership, Amy Lin, OD, built the practice one patient at a time; now, using Solutionreach patient relationship management system, she is able to reach more patients more quickly and with messages that carry more professional weight.

Patients Turn to Their Phones for Information, Schedules and Reminders From OD’s Office

By WO Sep 2016

When Deborah F. McDonald, OD, opened North Oak Family Eyecare & Optical in Valdosta, Georgia, in September 2015, she needed a way to stay in touch with the patients she hoped would follow her.

Keep up With Today’s Mobile Patient Population

By WO Jun 2016

When Ellen Merkin, OD, heard of Solutionreach, she thought that the company’s offerings made sense for her patient population. “The younger generation is much more tuned in with email and text communication.

Connect With Patients—Fast

Mar 2016

The threat of two feet of snow is a pretty good reason for closing an office—which is what Tina Vu Kelly, OD, of Alexandria, Virginia, did as a late January snowstorm hit the mid-Atlantic region. Amid predictions about exactly when the storm would hit, she canceled patients starting at noon on a Friday, which left time for staff and patients to get home or just stay home.