Somebody to Lean On

By WO Jun 2019

Opening a cold-start practice wasn’t always the goal for Denise Hill, OD, but as she considered the options in her preferred location, the decision became clear.

Some Time Away Helps Doctor Re-envision Her Future

By WO Mar 2019

For Jessica Dinwiddie, OD, practice ownership was always an option on the table, just not one that she felt quite ready to take on immediately after her 2011 graduation from the Southern College of Optometry.

Two Halves of a Whole

By WO Nov 2018

The nearly four years since the opening of Vision Veritas has flown by, says Olivia Carleo, OD.

Confident in Her Skills, OD Appreciated Business Insights and Support from Vision Source

By WO Sep 2018

Mirjana McCarthy, OD, FAAO, says it took nearly a decade of gaining experience in the profession before she even considered taking on a role as a practice owner.

Working in and Owning Practices Are Quite Different, OD Finds

By WO Jul 2018

For five years, Jean Barden, OD, worked in two of the four practices owned by another doctor.

Doctor Gains Support and Critical Data in New Office

By WO Jun 2018

Michele Montalbano, OD, joined Vision Source® a couple of years ago, largely because she felt a little isolated in the small village of Elburn, Illinois, where she opened a practice in 2000.