The Vision to Win

By WO Jan 2018

In the 10 years since Jennifer Stewart, OD, graduated from optometry school, she’s felt like there was more she could be doing for some patients, notably athletes.

Comfort Dog Eases Worries in the Office

By WO Aug 2017

By Belinda Dobson, OD—I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian as a child.

Passion for Low Vision Care Runs Deep

By WO Aug 2017

Sarah Harbove, OD, of Titusville, Florida, was impacted by the challenges of low vision at a very early age.

Part Time by Design

By WO Jun 2017

Mary Anne Murphy, OD, of Broomfield, Colorado, not only works a part-time schedule herself, but she encourages her three female associates and staff to do so as well.

Sisters Find an Area of Unique Collaboration

By WO Apr 2017

In conversations, Christie Russell-Villnow, OD, heard from her neuropsychologist sister, Leslie Russell-Martin, MS, PhD, that she was noticing visual processing issues in some of her patients in her mental health clinics.

Vision Therapy Practice Fills Community Need

By WO Dec 2016

Angela Gulbranson, OD, returned to her hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, after her graduation from Indiana College of Optometry.