They’re Doctors and Owners and Have Time to Enjoy Families

By WO Jul 2017

Rebecca Woodring, OD, and Shannon Mihalacki, OD, opened their practice, Clear Vision Family Eyecare, in Mars, Pennsylvania, almost nine years ago.

Business Model Allows ODs to Explore Their Own Interests While Supporting Primary Care

By WO Jun 2017

The four ODs who lead Bedford Eye Care have an unusual business partnership.

Inside the Office, Mother and Daughter Call Each Other “Doctor”

By WO May 2017

When Linda Bennett, OD, had questions about managing the Belmont, Massachusetts, practice she purchased 30 years ago, she turned to one of the smartest people in the profession at that time: Irving Bennett, OD, who is also her father.

Sisters Find an Area of Unique Collaboration

By WO Apr 2017

In conversations, Christie Russell-Villnow, OD, heard from her neuropsychologist sister, Leslie Russell-Martin, MS, PhD, that she was noticing visual processing issues in some of her patients in her mental health clinics.

Sisters Work Smarter the Second Time Around

By WO Apr 2017

Sairah Malik, OD, and Sana Malik, OD, make an excellent team. The sisters, six years apart, realized they have complementary strengths that make for a great partnership.

Putting the “Family” in Family Practice

By WO Apr 2017

Optometry school prepares ODs to provide excellent clinical care. And more schools and programs are working with ODs to make smart business decisions, too.