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Intentional Decision-making Spurs Five Years of Growth

By WO Apr 2019

Patients at Eye Care North in Cave Creek, Arizona, take a journey through the life—and vision—of impressionist painter, Claude Monet, as they travel down the hallway to the exam room.

Built with a Foundation for Flexibility

By WO Apr 2019

Jennifer Burke, OD, recalls being a bit nervous about asking for financing for a business loan with a six-figure student loan debt and a mortgage already on her plate.

Far From the Straight and Narrow

By WO Apr 2019

When Alissa Wald, OD, decided to move her practice to a new location in Costa Mesa, California, in 2010, she hired a designer whose experience was in retail, not optometry.

Come In To Shop, and Stay a While

By WO Apr 2019

You won’t see the front desk when you arrive at Exclusive Eye in Rogers, Arkansas, and that’s by design.

Inspired by Tiffany & Co.

By WO Mar 2019

Classic Tiffany Blue® is a color that tops the charts among our featured doctors.

Starting From Scratch Is the Best Recipe for Doctor and Baker

By WO Mar 2019

When optometry school friends of Danielle Roth, OD, see her Instagram page where she displays her delightfully beautiful and delicious treats, they always ask her why she never baked for them during school.