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Homecoming Invites New Opportunity

By WO Jun 2019

Following her 2000 graduation from University of Houston College of Optometry, Leigh Anne Green, OD, says that her top priority was to secure a job where she didn’t have to work on the weekends and could be at home with her two young children.

Those Are Some Cool Glasses

By WO Jun 2019

Susan Bell, OD, an art major in her undergraduate years, has always brought a certain artistic flair to the 80-year-old optometry practice begun by her father in Ewing, New Jersey.

Every Decoration Has a Story

By WO Jun 2019

Faye Gamboa, OD, has created a carefully crafted, immersive experience for patients and customers at Wanderlust Eyecare in Northfield, Illinois.

Family Comes First

By WO May 2019

So many of your professional decisions may revolve around your family: building a schedule that accommodates the work/life balance you desire or finding a way to work together with family to achieve your goals.

Straying from the Plan Leads to Ideal Situation

By WO May 2019

Carly Rose, OD, FAAO, says that when her sister Ehryn Cartwright, OD, attended optometry school, it didn’t inspire her to pursue optometry herself; it actually pushed her away.

Success Found in an Over-saturated Area

By WO May 2019

Hannah Cho, OD, started getting serious about her cold-start practice plans during her fourth year at Southern California College of Optometry so that by the time she reached her 2012 graduation, she was ready to hit the ground running.