Let's Take a Vacation


School's nearly out, and the summer season is upon us. WO found inspiration in many of its practice design stories for ways to make the most of this time of the year.

Take a trip to the beach. Dr. Amanda Lee and Dr. Tammy Tully have a beach town-inspired office that makes every day feel like summer.

Focus on quality. Dr. Korrie Lalim's boutique-style space feels light and airy, offering a specific experience to patients as well as those who take part in community events in the office.

Live luxuriously. In Celebration, Florida, a quaint town originally developed by The Walt Disney Company, Dr. Christine Blick has made her mark with an office and home all in one space. The architectural design from inside out is simply classy and elegant.

Try something new. Dr. Courtney Dryer's office was inspired by her favorite stores such as Anthropologie and Nordstrom. She combined a collection of artistic elements that you may not consider putting together, but the result is a whimsical space that truly works.

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