Bringing Value to the Family Business

By WO Jan 2019

After graduating from the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry in 2015, Jenn Chinn, OD, returned home to San Diego, California, and joined her father Stephen Chinn, OD, in his practice there.

Every Patient Encounter Is a Teachable Moment

By WO Nov 2018

Heidi Pham-Murphy, OD, opened her practice Visions Optometry in Sacramento, California, just three freeway stops away from the VSP headquarters.

Two ODs, Two Loans

By WO Oct 2018

Nicole Trabuc, OD, and her husband Kyle Wainwright, OD, are careful planners.

An Accelerated Payoff Plan

By WO Oct 2018

Sarah Wildermuth, OD, roared through her undergraduate studies in two years on a full tuition scholarship, studying engineering with some optometry classes on the side.

Patient Care for the Modern OD

By WO Sep 2018

There is a common thread in society to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Making a Difference for Those in Need

By WO Sep 2018

“Simply put, raising awareness about the cause of vision is what we do. We are very passionate about healthy eyes and great vision.”