Goddesses of Vision: Annual Theia Award Nominations Closing Soon


What do Dr. Andrea Thau, Dr. Melissa Barnett, Dr. Linda Chous, Dr. Stacy Ayn Lyons, Dr. Laurie Capogna and Dr. Barbara Pelletier have in common? They were the honorees of the 2016 Women In Optometry Theia awards for excellence, named for the Greek goddess of vision. We are so looking forward to reviewing the nominations that have been coming in for the 2017 award event, which will be held during the American Academy of Optometry meeting in Chicago.

Have you submitted your nominations? You’re welcome to submit the names of women ODs who have inspired and encouraged you in the fields of leadership, education/mentoring and innovation.

Last year, it was a thrill to read through the nominations—and frankly, it showed us something about women ODs. Nominators truly felt passionate about the process. The vast majority of nominations included detailed descriptions of the way that the nominee impacted the writer’s life, education or career decisions. People nominated friends, as well as those they’ve admired from afar. Trust us when we say that reading through these nominations to winnow down the selection (we had more than 100 nominees last years) was both uplifting and intimidating. It was uplifting to see these women regaled for their contributions; if you were nominated last year, please know that your impact was real. It was intimidating because we only have a few awards to present each year—so narrowing down the list is a really tough choice.

But it may be the toughest job that we love to do. Please make sure that you’ve nominated the women ODs who have had an impact on you. We realize that by asking this, we’re actually asking you to make our selection process even more difficult—but it is our joy to read about these incredible women ODs.

Please click here to submit your nominations. You’ll need your nominees’ names, contact info and a short (or as long as you feel inspired) description about why you’re nominating the person. We ask for your contact information, just in case we have a question.

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