Why Are Patients Leaving?


By Katie Gilbert-Spear, OD, MPH

You want patients to feel welcome to shop and browse your optical to make their eyewear purchases after they finish their exam. But your capture rate may reveal that more patients than you’d like are walking with their prescription from your practice. If you are committed to the change, you can turn those numbers around.

We’ve found that there are five top reasons why patients are not buying in the practice.

1. They are not aware of your product. Display your products proudly from frames and samples of specialty ophthalmic lenses to contact lens brands, nutraceutical, beauty products and beyond. Advertise brands and specific products on your website and social media. Create inviting displays complete with imagery and brochures, if applicable, so patients can start to learn about what you have to offer and can follow up with questions and comments once they meet with you and your staff.

2. They don’t understand the benefits. Use your time in the exam room to educate patients. Give them a base of knowledge that staff can follow up on and answer additional questions.

3. They don’t feel the product has perceived value. Share a personal experience or patient positive feedback such as how daily disposable contact lenses have helped a young baseball player improve their game without the hassle of wearing glasses under their helmet. Or maybe your personal experience wearing blue light-blocking lenses has reduced headaches.

4. They don’t see how your product meets their needs. Make a connection. Whether you’ve seen patients for years or you are having a first visit with them, review their history and ask about career and hobbies. Take the time to discuss how your specific recommendations will enhance their lives.

5. Your product is not accessible to them. Is your reception area in the middle of the optical or is it separate? Make sure you and the staff mention that you have a wide selection to choose from, and if your optical is separate from reception, remind patients that they are free to browse while they are waiting.

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