Women In Optometry Announces New Board Members

By WO Feb 2019

Women In Optometry (WO) is pleased to announce the addition of six board members.

Neurolens Adjusts for Misalignments, Relieving Discomfort, Pain, Headache and Stiffness for Some Patients

By WO Feb 2019

Jaclyn Munson, OD, FAAO, of Fort Collins, Colorado, treats plenty of patients who suffer from eye strain, chronic headaches and a stiff neck.

Family and Friends Bring the Most Joy to Many ODs

By WO Feb 2019

 According to a new Women In Optometry poll, 56 percent of the respondents said that they are generally happy and nearly 32 percent said that they are happy more often than not.

POP-UP POLL: Where Are the Women Leaders?

By WO Feb 2019
Are women ODs well represented in leadership in the optometry profession?

Finding the Right Fit

By WO Feb 2019

A Women In Optometry panel during SECO 2019 will feature three women who have cultivated their careers to suit them rather than slotted themselves into existing models.

POP-UP POLL: The Happiness Factor

By WO Jan 2019

Do you like or dislike the daily events in your life?