Want to Make a Big Impact? Consider Teaching

By Jenelle Mallios, OD, FAAO May 2017

By Jenelle Mallios, OD, FAAO—As the Chief of Pediatrics at the State University of New York's University Eye Center, I enjoy my time seeing patients in the clinic and teaching optometry students.

A Promise Kept

By Kristin O’Brien, OD May 2017

By Kristin O’Brien, OD—As I looked ahead at my future and career, I always thought I would live near my hometown in North Dakota and have to pick a career in agriculture to stay in the area.

Building a Bigger Team

By Stephanie Lyons, OD Apr 2017

By Stephanie Lyons, OD, of Chicago, Illinois—I opened my practice in 2011 with a goal of building a family-friendly practice in an urban environment.

For Mom With Young Children, Distance Makes the Heart Worry

By Alinah Ali, OD Apr 2017

By Alinah Ali, OD, of Sugar Land, Texas—The day that I got the phone call that my baby daughter had a fever of 104 degrees and I had to make my apologies to a patient and leave the office was the day that I realized I couldn’t sustain a 40-minute commute to my corporate location.

A Positive Light on OD/MD Tensions

By Stacie L. Setchell, OD Mar 2017

By Stacie L. Setchell, OD—I find it interesting that students who intern at my practice always inquire about the future of optometry. I admit there is currently much turmoil between ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Insist on Quality

By Julie Dolven, OD Mar 2017

By Julie Dolven, OD—At James Eyecare & Optical Gallery we strive to put the patient first in every decision made in the practice.