Summer Listening

By WO Aug 2019

Here's what's new this summer on WO Voices podcast series.

Spring Break Spotlight: Kids

By WO Apr 2019

Take a few minutes for you over this spring break week! Listen in on one of our podcasts that are all about kids from four of your colleagues.

Benefits of a Corporate Optometry Sublease vs. Private Practice

By Maria Sampalis, OD Apr 2019

By Maria Sampalis, OD—It’s an undisputed fact that the future is indeed very bright for anyone choosing to pursue a career in corporate optometry.

Meaningful Connections Build Loyalty

By Carissa Dunphy Apr 2019

By Carissa Dunphy—As an optician and member of the optical staff, there are so many elements involved in our job of serving our patients.

Building Your Ideal Business Agreement

By Shannon Avena, OD Feb 2019

By Shannon Avena, OD—Coming out of optometry school, my husband and I both owe a significant amount in student loans.

Ditch Career Burnout


By Jenn Chinn, OD

Jan 2019

By Jenn Chinn, OD—I hear a lot of young ODs talking about and suffering from "new grad burnout."