Running For Office While Running her Practice

By WO Jul 2018

Running a solo practice is a busy job, but Lisa Shin, OD, wants to add another.

Justice Work: Donation Gets a Nod from Supreme Court Judge

By WO Jun 2018

Jenifer Ambler, OD, of Brattleboro, Vermont, recently received a letter that is worth hanging onto.

Eat Your Way to Better Health

By WO Mar 2018

“Spice it up” is not the advice most people would expect to hear from an eye expert when it comes to living life—particularly in the kitchen.

Encouraging Education: Personally and in the Workplace

By WO Feb 2018

At the risk of becoming a compulsive social media poster, “bombarding my friends with all things eyes,” Amanda Rights, OD, decided to get more creative in the way she shares the resources she continuously collects.

Now That’s Empathy

By WO Aug 2017

Amanda Lee, OD, and Tammy Tully, OD, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, rescued a 10+-year-old dog, Bandit, about a year and a half ago.

An Opportunity to Fulfill a Shared Mission Leads to Life-changing Experience

By WO Jul 2017
For many people, a trip to the eye doctor could be considered uneventful.