Fashion Meets Function with Carrot Eyewear Launch

By WO Mar 2019

Jennifer Tsai, OD, celebrated the launch of Carrot Eyewear with a party at Vision Expo East on Friday, March 22, after a whirlwind six months since founding the line.

What’s in Your Dry Eye Pantry?

By Sandra Young, OD Feb 2019

Sandra Young, OD, has created this list of staples, spices, and grocery or specialty store items for your pantry.

Optometry Gifts For All

By WO Dec 2018

Around this time last year, Ashley Nickell, OD, was searching to find the perfect holiday gifts for her friends and was on the hunt for all things related to eyeglasses.

Recipes from Heal Your Dry Eyes: Nutrition and Recipes

By Sandra Young, OD Nov 2018

Enjoy these recipes from Heal Your Dry Eyes: Nutrition and Recipes, courtesy of Sandra Young, OD.

Healthy Meals for a Busy Life

By Sandra Young, OD Nov 2018

By Sandra Young, OD—It is a universal question of how to work, raise a family, exercise and put healthful meals on the table and in lunch boxes, all while keeping your sanity.

The Humbling Rewards of a Mission Trip

By Barbara Fluder, OD Oct 2018

By Barbara Fluder, OD—If you have never been on a mission trip, you don’t know how humbling and rewarding it can be.