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Not Covered? No Problem

Today’s healthcare system is a fickle beast, and the challenges of navigating the payor system can be overwhelming. But you can always get paid for what you do. If you ever write a charge off to a zero balance, you are not taking full advantage of the rules that exist to get paid. Consult with your billing department and spot check your EOBs to make sure they aren’t writing off patient balances. This is where understanding the rules that govern the financial waivers of liability is crucial.

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Caution: Congestion Ahead

Although patients with benign ONHD are often asymptomatic, the drusen can cause elevation, congestion and blurred margins of the optic nerve, simulating papilledema. 
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How Much is Too Much?

A question that often arises is how to determine bifocal power for patients. We all learned about the tables and charts that depict the loss of accommodation with age in optometry school. Presbyopia is in full force by the time most patients reach 40, and by the age of 70, everyone needs a +2.50 add at near, right? Not so fast.

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Red All Over

I have a patient who was put on Rhopressa (netarsudil, Aerie Pharmaceuticals) after other medications did not work. Her pressure lowered significantly, but six weeks later her eyes turned very red, and she’s now mortified to go out in public. Lumify (brimonidine tartrate ophthalmic solution 0.025%, Bausch + Lomb) didn’t help quiet the eyes. Is this a common problem?
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More Lenses, More Problems

As the technologies in chemistry and plastics explode, contact lenses are becoming more comfortable, safer and more efficacious than ever before. Of course, it’s just our luck that our patients have simultaneously devolved.

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August 15, 2019


Don't Miss Out on Multifocals

These devices can be a practice builder, not a spirit breaker. Here’s how.

Optometry in the Age of Disruption: Doctors vs. Online Vendors

These companies prioritize cost and convenience over quality eye care and the doctor-patient relationship. Here’s how to defuse the threat they pose.

Perfecting Prism

Don’t back down from this life-changing treatment. Here’s where to start.

Provide Specialty Contact Lenses and Thrive

You can build doctor-patient loyalty and keep patients from shopping around by offering something your competitors don’t have.

The Dangers and the Diagnosis of CLMK

Despite many advances, the threat of contact lens-related microbial keratitis (CLMK) has not retreated.

The Optometrist and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Learn to keep your snoring patients’ increased risk of disease from keeping you up at night.

Top Causes of Double Vision

Getting to the root of the problem is the key to treating and referring properly. Here’s a look at the common etiologies of diplopia and how to tell them apart.

When Corneal Wounds Won’t Heal

Timely intervention can keep a bad situation from spiraling out of control.


A Two-for-one Deal

Here’s when to consider referring your patient for phaco-ECP, which addresses cataracts and glaucoma in one operation.

Breaking Down Barriers

There’s nothing special about multifocal and toric contact lenses. And that’s a good thing.

Caution: Congestion Ahead

Use your diagnostic toolkit to navigate the crucial distinction between true and pseudopapilledema.

Disinfect the Natural Way

New hypochlorous acid options are making this a viable antimicrobial solution. Here’s how to choose—and use—it correctly.

High Risk, Limited Options

Treatment for limbal stem cell deficient eyes can take one of two routes, neither of which guarantees a successful outcome.

How Much is Too Much?

Many patients are over-plussed at near. With these simple strategies, you can learn how to avoid this.

More Lenses, More Problems

If only we could upgrade our patients the way we upgrade our contact lenses.

Not Covered? No Problem

Financial waivers of liability are the key to getting paid in today’s world.

Not For the Best

You uncover an abnormality during the dilated fundus exam of a 16-year-old with no family history available. Now what?

Red All Over

If certain glaucoma medications cause adverse effects, consider these options.

Stay in the Fast Lane

Optometrists are in the driver’s seat. Take some new opportunities for a spin.

That’s Egg on Your Face

When a patient presents with a combination of progressive vision blur and a particular retinal appearance, all signs point to one diagnosis.

When They Go Low, ODs Go High

Bad-mouthing other doctors doesn’t serve your patients.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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