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Determining Multifocal Parameters for a Better Fit

The discussion of multifocal contact lenses usually results in the rendering of a blank stare from my students. They understand the concepts of multifocals, but are often indecisive in selecting lens designs for patients. They are also motionless when I discuss lens parameter changes to resolve patient’s visual complaints. To prescribe for success, the practitioner must understand a few fundamental concepts of multifocals. 
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Look Beneath the Lens

Far too often, we make the mistake of thinking it’s the contact lens, when in fact it is the ocular surface infrastructure creating the environment for successful CL wear. In the case of the contact lens patient with end-of-day discomfort, for instance, we should first investigate the ocular surface rather than simply switch solutions, modalities or polymers. 
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Here is a snapshot of what's happening in the profession.
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Multifocal Sales: Opportunity is Near

It’s estimated that there are more than a billion presbyopes in the world. With this in mind, chances are, members of the over-forty crowd are sitting in your chair on a daily basis. And the landscape for presbyopic correction has never been broader. But if you’re ignoring multifocal contact lenses as a go-to for your presbyopes, experts say you’re missing the boat.
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Priorities for Presbyopes: Maintain Comfort and Continuity

Surprisingly, of the approximately 40,000 optometrists in the United States, only 700 are fitting more than two multifocal contact lens patients per week—less than 2% total. With this large disconnect in adequately fulfilling the needs of the presbyopic patient, we need to ask ourselves: why do most of us shy away from proactively fitting multifocal lenses? 
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August 15, 2016


Controlling Diabetes with Oral Agents

Systemic meds are essential allies when fighting this condition and its ocular effects. To provide full-scope care, ODs should understand precisely how they work.

Determining Multifocal Parameters for a Better Fit

Improve multifocal success by selecting the best design for your patient.

Multifocal Sales: Opportunity is Near

With new modalities, materials and designs, don’t bypass this practice-building correction for your presbyopes.

Priorities for Presbyopes: Maintain Comfort and Continuity

Patients are highly motivated to succeed. Don’t let them go home disappointed.

Use Education and Empathy to Connect with Presbyopes

Focusing on visual system changes and setting realistic expectations can empower patients to succeed in multifocal lenses.


Combating Bacterial Keratitis

You can neutralize these sight-threatening infections with prompt diagnosis and aggressive therapy.

Getting Back in Shape

Practitioners faced with lens flexure should take note of how to solve the problem.

He Never Saw It Coming

A 35-year-old patient woke up without vision in one eye. Can you identify why?

Look Beneath the Lens

Distinguishing between refractive error and ocular compromise is the key to CL—and billing—success.

News Review

Contact lens wear | Optometry Education | Vision Exams | Crosslinking

Say Hii to Xiidra

The first new DED drug in more than 13 years is finally here. How does it work and what are the potential implications for optometry?

Second Chances

Your practice should be filled with multifocal patients by now. Take heart: it still can be.

The Red Menace

A patient presents with a growth in her right eye after strabismus surgery.

Two is Better Than One

A new device, the Kahook Dual Blade, could improve IOP lowering and safety in MIGS.

When Isn’t it Allergy Season?

You know it’s in full force when a patient recommends you take OTC ketotifen drops BID OU.


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