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Preventing a Total Melt Down

The vast majority of refractive surgery cases go according to plan, but when patients do experience complications, optometrists are there to play an integral role in comanagement. Corneal melting, or keratolysis, is one such complication that may occur after LASIK. It can lead to scarring, irregular astigmatism, photophobia and decreased vision. Improvements in surgical techniques and technology have reduced the incidence of postoperative complications after LASIK, but corneal melt remains an emergent threat to a patient’s vision. Prompt recognition and aggressive treatment can prevent permanent visual loss. In this column, we review the pathophysiology and treatment of this potentially vision-threatening condition. 
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Treating the Ocular Surface: Resistance is Futile

In 2008, the NIH launched the Human Microbiome Project with the purpose of identifying the organisms that live both on and inside the human species. The ocular surface was of particular interest, and the project estimated that over 200 species of bacteria colonize the human conjunctiva.
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20 Tips to Think Through

Optometrists are thinkers. We sit around chewing on the least important issues as if our entire world will most certainly collapse if we choose the wrong side dish at Taco Bell. So, imagine the turmoil the poor OD faces when a sales rep wants him to order a lens bank. What to do!? 
Today's Spotlight

Zoom in on Gonioscopy

A great debate seems to rage in optometry circles concerning the pronunciation of gonioscopy. Whether you say “go-knee-ah-scopy” or “gah-knee-ah-scopy” largely depends on your particular geographical location or optometry school alma mater. Regardless of which side of this great schism you find yourself, the examination technique itself remains one of the most illuminating available for optometrists. 
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October 15, 2016


Angle-closure Glaucoma: Are You Ready?

Diagnosing and managing these challenging cases is inevitable. Be prepared with these clinical pearls.

Controversies in Glaucoma Care

In optometry, it's always debate season. This article looks at some hot topic issues and challenges conventional wisdom.

Managing the Post-op Glaucoma Patient

As minimally invasive surgeries and laser procedures become more commonplace, learn the basics to stay ahead of the comanagement curve.

Spotlight on Demodex: Eliminating the Mite-y Menace

The oft overlooked Demodex diagnosis is elemental to setting patients on the path to relief, if you know what to look for.

Zoom in on Gonioscopy

Studies show too few doctors perform this simple and valuable procedure.


20 Tips to Think Through

My mind wanders when faced with a big decision. Here’s where it goes, and what it has learned.

Adenoviral Dominos

When doctor becomes patient, how do we mitigate infectious interactions?

Eye on the Ball

When an athlete presents with significant refractive error, how do we bring his vision up to par?

Feeling the Pressure

Understand the when and why of diagnostic testing in glaucoma.

Letters to the Editor

Readers react to our 125th anniversary issue and raise interesting points about ocular nutrition and dilated fundus exams.

News Review

Drug Delivery | Vision Expo | Astigmatism | Pediatric Eye Care

Out, Damned Spot

A young female patient noted missing vision. What do you make of her presentation and test results?

Preventing a Total Melt Down

Keratolysis is a significant complication that demands immediate attention. Here’s a primer on monitoring and treating it.

Product Review

OCTA | Slit Lamp Imaging | Confocal Scanner Autofluorescence

Rethinking the Ratio

Our reliance on cup-to-disc measurements may become a thing of the past once new imaging techniques come to market.

Say Goodbye to Readers

Your presbyopes looking for something better than monovision should consider the Kamra corneal inlay.

Technical Difficulties

High-tech diagnostic screening tools only help if you prioritize education and attentiveness.

When Your Patient’s Expecting

Pregnancy changes things—especially IOP. But when an expectant mom has glaucoma, how to do you proceed before and after baby?

Where’s the Culture?

Practical recommendations for managing keratitis.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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A quick read of the best pearls from the current issue of Review of Cornea & Contact Lenses, with links to full articles.

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Keep up to date on the latest research and clinical findings in retinal disease care with this quarterly publication from the ORS.

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