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Bad Pupil

I recently saw a patient with a mature hand-motion cataract who also had an obvious afferent pupillary defect (APD) in that same eye. Is the cataract the cause?   

Today's Spotlight

Go Puddle-Jumping

Maybe we need to change our attitude. It’s time we open up, get brave and dive in. I know the more creative of you are already fist-pumping and ready to do something. You’re tired of being told you need to be this, buy that or sign up for the other. Why not just say “no!”? It’s time to declare our freedom, our joy and our rightful place in the world! These ideas may help:

Today's Spotlight

Let the Truth Set You Free

We refract in search of the truth, or at least something that makes the patient see better.

Today's Spotlight

Delegate and Refocus

All of our efforts to advance optometry are futile if any of these negative elements are present. So it’s time to start thinking about how to best position ourselves for the opportunities at hand and take action today. 

Today's Spotlight

Regaining Vision

Optics used to be easy. Or, if not easy per se, at least an area of uncontested expertise for optometrists. Assessing the ocular media, determining a patient’s manifest refraction and manipulating the results with corrective lenses was a critically important segment of the broad, sprawling world of eye care where ODs really stood out. Lately, though, some may feel that the optics of vision correction have gotten away from them. 


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April 15, 2019


Be an Ocular Foreign Body Fixer

You have the tools and the knowledge to be your community’s ocular foreign body expert. Here’s how to incorporate these skills into your practice.

Corneal Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

We review the clinical presentation and management of four conditions a routine slit lamp exam might reveal.

Extended Depth-of-Focus Optics: A Guide for Optometrists

Newer devices are expanding your patients’ visual landscapes. Learn more about how they function.

Got a Special Interest? There’s a Group For That

These organizations can help take your career to the next level.

My Patient Has Recurrent Corneal Erosion…Now What?

Managing this condition right the first time may keep its recurrence at bay.

New Tools to Tame Keratoconus

The OD’s armamentarium has never been so full and now includes everything from contact lenses to new medical procedures.


Socket Man

This patient's complaints of discomfort were not surprisingly associated with foreign body exposure.

Aries Rising

Can you identify the reason for this woman’s severe decrease in acuity?

Bad Pupil

When checking the cause of an APD, leave no question unanswered.

Breaking it to the Broken

Delivering bad news requires compassion and confidence.

Delegate and Refocus

The future calls for significant changes in optometric practice. Are you ready?

DR: See Something? Say Something

Now that treatment can slow progression and even reverse severity, optometrists can get at-risk patients into a regimen sooner.

Environmental Protection

External organisms cause more aggressive cases of microbial keratitis than those native to the eye. Daily disposable use reduces the risk.

Go Puddle-Jumping

Take a page out of my grandson’s book and jump in some mud puddles, metaphorically speaking. Just choose those puddles wisely.

Hyperopia: What’s it Good For?

It’s why we can get through each day without experiencing extreme alterations in our vision.

Just Zap It

Floaters are a nuisance for everyone. When they affect vision, consider referring for vitreolysis.

RCE: Code Correctly, Again and Again

The condition may be frustrating to treat, but the coding doesn’t have to be.

Regaining Vision

Helping people see clearly is in optometry’s DNA. What can we do to make it more central to your day?

The Cornea’s Limited Vocabulary

With only five possible dysfunctions, it should be easy to figure out what’s wrong.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

Optometric Retina Society E-Newsletter

Keep up to date on the latest research and clinical findings in retinal disease care with this quarterly publication from the ORS.

Optometric Physician E-Journal

A weekly e-journal edited by Art Epstein, OD, featuring incisive commentary, timely research summaries and late-breaking news.

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April 2019 • 2.00 Credits

Be an Ocular Foreign Body Fixer

February 2019 • 2.00 Credits

Take a Clinical Approach to Anterior Uveitis

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