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New Thinking on Binocular Vision Problems

The next time you encounter a patient whose history is suggestive of a binocular problem—including amblyopia—approach the exam in a sequential pattern using history to guide your testing. Incorporate basic binocular testing into your evaluation and remember to first rule out any potential pathology. 

Today's Spotlight

Clinical Refraction Tips and Tricks

This article will explore tips, tricks and techniques I’ve developed over 40 years of both performing and teaching refraction to aid patients in obtaining clear, single, binocular vision when possible and to help them accomplish all the things they wish to do in their lives.
Today's Spotlight

Myopia Control: Decisions and Discussions

Applying these myopia control techniques can be rewarding because you have the potential to preserve the quality of a patient’s vision.

Today's Spotlight

It’s Time For a Reboot

As we usher in a new year, the timing is perfect to look back to ensure that good processes are in place and use our future time wisely to prepare for upcoming coding changes.

Today's Spotlight

Accommodation in Peril

Up to 100% of accommodation insufficiency cases are curable but, if left unmanaged, can deter students from performing well academically. Understanding the various diagnostic elements of accommodation can ensure you catch these cases early and treat appropriately.

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January 15, 2020


Clinical Refraction Tips and Tricks

Here’s what I’ve learned through years of hands-on experience.

Dry Eye Epidemiology in Practice

Understand who gets dry eye and why to help you better diagnose and manage these patients.

Low Vision: Why and When to Recommend

Decreased visual acuity is just one of many reasons to refer patients. Here’s a look at who else might benefit.

Myopia Control: Decisions and Discussions

Follow along with a hypothetical case to learn how to better navigate the options with patients and parents.

New Thinking on Binocular Vision Problems

The latest research clarifies how optometrists can treat these patients most effectively.

The Crowded Landscape of Presbyopia Correction

Today’s patients have different visual needs, and you have new tools at your disposal to help—with more on the way.


Accommodation in Peril

More patients are struggling with their near vision these days. Here’s why and how you can help.

Crisis Management

When a patient with end-stage kidney disease develops visual symptoms, you may have an emergency on your hands.

Failure is Not an Option

When a corneal graft is compromised, you need to take swift action to save this vulnerable tissue from total loss.

Flower in the Eye, Smoke in the Brain

The appearance of a characteristic optic nerve may signify systemic or intracranial vascular abnormalities.

It’s Time For a Reboot

The new year is the best time to make sure your medical record-keeping practices have a solid foundation.

On the Spot

Treating corneal ulcers and infiltrates starts with a careful understanding of their differences.

Promises Worth Keeping

Let’s get to work making good on your commitments to patients and opportunities for growth.

Sun Salutation

An alternate approach to CXL using natural light could be in the works.

Survey Says…

Online polls can be fun, especially when you get to make up the questions.

The Pressure is On

A young patient’s eyes might explain his headaches.

The Year of Refraction

Innovative management approaches are in your office now or on the way.

Three Pillars of Chalazia Management

From a conservative approach to steroid use to surgery, dealing with these pesky lumps is all about savvy patient selection.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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