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Tread Lightly

A traumatic tire explosion in a patient’s place of work was to blame for hundreds of corneal foreign bodies.

Today's Spotlight

Persistent Problems

An 81-year-old Caucasian male was referred for a YAG capsulotomy evaluation. He complained of constant blurry vision, which started two years ago and was more prevalent in the right eye. Because of this, he had difficulty distinguishing road signs, seeing his cell phone and watching TV. He reported that his vision was “like looking through wax paper” and it had been very difficult to function because he is hard of hearing and depends heavily on his vision.

Today's Spotlight

Tear Film Fighters

An intact and stable tear film is necessary for many vital functions. Among other things, it provides comfort and clarity that is often reduced in dry eye disease. While the relationship between tear composition and dryness is well-established, we often neglect the other microscopic yet essential components of the tear film that serve to protect our eyes from infection and damage. Besides comfort and a smooth refractive surface, the tear film is also our eye’s first line of defense, protecting us from pathogenic invasion.

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That’s Swell of You

A 65-year-old Black male presented with acute redness, tearing, soreness and pain OS of five days’ duration. He did not complain of reduced vision. He said the pain was 5 out of 10 and that he had similar symptoms in right eye, which spontaneously resolved one week prior.

Today's Spotlight

A Well-Red Patient

A 34-year-old man presented to the office with a chief complaint of a sudden-onset redness affecting one eye. He said he was not aware of it until someone pointed out to him that “his eye was bleeding.” 

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Letters to the Editor

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MRI Contact Lens Considerations

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Persistent Problems

Poor ocular history contributed to this recent diagnosis.

Remote Testing’s Impact

Monitoring patients at home can help you in the office.

Rethinking Profitability

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Tear Film Fighters

While often underappreciated, these important components serve to protect our eyes.

That’s Swell of You

A complex medical history complicates assessment of a recent-onset red eye.

Tread Lightly

A traumatic tire explosion in a patient’s place of work was to blame for hundreds of corneal foreign bodies.

Up in Flames

Appropriate but aggressive therapy can make the difference.


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