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Game Over

 55-year-old man reported to the office emergently with a chief complaint of blurry vision at distance in both eyes. He explained in a panic that he had woken up early that morning seeing well, then played a game on his cell phone and noticed that, after he stopped, he no longer needed his reading glasses to read.

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Double Trouble

68-year-old African American female presented for an initial comprehensive ocular examination with a chief complaint of intermittent burning of both eyes over the past two years. The patient denied any additional ocular history and reported a medical history of hypertension for which she was properly medicated with lisinopril/hydrochlorothiazide, an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. She denied having allergies of any kind.  

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One Bird, Two Stones

Is combining corneal crosslinking (CXL) and Intacs for keratoconus a viable option? What does it involve? What requirements do patients have to meet for candidacy? What other considerations need to be taken into account?

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A 57-year-old female presented with a painful stye and tears running down her face for several days. Where do you go from here?

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Vaccines and Vulnerable Eyes: What to Look For

As we watch the ramp-up of COVID-19 vaccination, we can marvel at the ingenuity that brought these vital agents to market in under a year. But it also starkly underlines the importance of vaccines as a whole to society. Unfortunately, a decline in routine vaccination was among the unwelcome consequences of the pandemic lockdowns that began in March 2020, which significantly altered health care as we know it. Patient visits for routine and emergency care began to decrease.1 This has resulted in a reduced rate of vaccinations for vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD) across the nation.  

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May 15, 2021


Managing Miotics and Mydriatics

Take a closer look at old, new and future uses of these drugs.

Get to Know HZO

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various treatment options to effectively manage this condition.

Make Glaucoma Therapy More Patient-Friendly

Here’s how to better ensure patient adherence to treatment.

Take the Fear Out of Comanaging Neuro Cases

Many patients are best served through a partnership between primary care optometrists and appropiate subspecialists.

Using Antibiotics in Anterior Segment Care

Bacterial ocular and periocular infections are common in adults and children, but choosing an effective treatment strategy relies on more than an accurate clinical diagnosis.


The Force Awakens

In-person conferences are coming back, slowly and fitfully, but with momentum and goodwill on their side.

Sidestep Side Effects

Here’s how to minimize the potential complications of a KPro.


A thorough, dilated examination of the retina is necessary to diagnose retinitis pigmentosa.

Dose Escalation

A number of new and exciting pharmaceuticals to help manage ocular disease are on the horizon. Get to know them here.

From Dislocation to Restoration

This patient had to undergo IOL replacement surgery to finally achieve satisfactory vision.

Game Over

An anxious patient presents complaining of recent-onset blurred vision at distance. Are his fears warranted?

Looking to Be a Trendsetter? Yeah, Me Too

I may not have a million followers on Instagram—or even have an account—but I do know a thing or two about things.

Persistent Proliferation

Solve this patient’s cloudy vision with fundus photography.

Spring Renewal

With the change of the seasons comes opportunity.

Surveying the Cavern

Take a closer look at how the features that make up this sinus function—and can lead to dysfunction.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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