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Did the DREAM Study Change Your Thinking?

For more than a decade, omega-3 fatty acid supplements have been hailed for their role in helping to alleviate dry eye symptoms with no significant side effects. While they’re not effective in every case and are typically used in conjunction with other methods, this avenue of care is pretty well-established. Then came the Dry Eye Assessment and Management (DREAM) study last May, which seemed to upend the validity of fish oil, as it found omega-3 fatty acids offered no benefit over the olive oil placebo.
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Build A Better Dry Eye Protocol

In 2017, the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society updated the Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS II) to reflect a decade’s worth of advances in our understanding, diagnosis, treatment and management of dry eye disease (DED). For the optometrist looking to better incorporate the findings of DEWS II into their practice, this article boils down the report’s lengthy discussion into actionable recommendations.
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The Time March is On

Let’s break the history of our lives in optometry down to easily digestible bites. Your journey is different than mine, but some things are universal, so I think you’ll see yourself in here somewhere.

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Three Steps to Dry Eye Coding

As providers on the frontline, ODs must capture this population presenting to their practices on a daily basis, whether it’s obvious clinically significant dry eye, a contact lens dropout or that troublesome patient who complains that their eyes just don’t feel as comfortable as they used to throughout the day.

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What Snellen Ain’t Tellin’

Oftentimes in practice, we encounter patients who subjectively report changes to their vision—but we then check their acuities and find no measurable difference in Snellen acuity. In these cases, we should consider an alternative measurement of vision quality: contrast sensitivity (CS). This brief, cost-effective screening tool can help us reveal factors relevant to their overall quality of vision.

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May 15, 2019


Did the DREAM Study Change Your Thinking?

The controversial findings led some ODs to question the role of omega-3s, while others dispute the study itself. Here, several experts share their views.

My Patient Has Diabetic Retinopathy...Now What?

The optometrist has a valuable role to play in monitoring the stages of this condition and guiding patients through treatment.

A Guide to Conjunctival Tumors

These are benign half the time—but when they are malignant, you need to be ready to refer.

Build A Better Dry Eye Protocol

The DEWS II report provides a roadmap to help streamline your treatment regimens.

Cyclosporine Shoot-out: How Do They Match Up?

After more than a decade with just a single agent to use, your options are expanding. This story explains their differences.

Visual Fields in the Era of OCT

Is functional testing with visual fields still necessary in the age of advanced structural imaging with optical coherence tomography?


Getting Hosed

Blunt trauma can leave major damage. But optometrists can learn to treat and monitor to minimize long-term issues.

Hunting the Great White

Managing the complications from a hypermature cataract.

What Snellen Ain’t Tellin’

Contrast sensitivity testing can help identify visual changes an acuity test might miss.

A Hairy Eyeball

The most common ocular tissue to be affected by leukemia is the retina.

A Paralyzing Etiology

Patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome face significant systemic and ocular complications, including optic disc edema.

Add Billions to Optometry

Managing dry eye can be a huge opportunity for your contact lens patients—and practice.

Pinpointing the Problem

Amiodarone doesn’t usually have a significant effect on vision. But be more vigilant when it’s used in a patient with other acuity-reducing issues.

The Time March is On

It’s not all bad. I’ve been doing this for 40 years now and I’ve survived—you can, too.

The Unkindest Cut

A leading surgical society uses its antipathy toward optometry as a selling point, limiting its own prospects.

Three Steps to Dry Eye Coding

Don’t let the myriad testing and treatment options fool you into using all of them every time.

To Be Blunt

A calm, thorough evaluation of ocular trauma can determine the best course of action.

When Things Aren't Looking Up

Lesions in the brain stem can be a sign of dorsal midbrain syndrome.

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