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Bring Myopia Management to the Foreground

Optometrists are no strangers to myopia. In fact, maybe we have become too comfortable with treating this condition, flipping on autopilot mode when prescribing glasses and contacts. It is important to realize that passively “correcting” myopia is simply not enough, especially because we are uniquely positioned and have the tools to proactively prevent, detect and treat it.


Today's Spotlight

As Soon as You've Got It, Things Change

With the New Year, changes come to Evaluation & Management (E&M) coding this year and beyond. With simplification to Medicare policies regarding E&M service, we will see a few of these implemented beginning January 1, 2019.

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Finding Time to Decompress

A 70-year-old Caucasian male presented with an acute onset of diplopia, which he noted for the past two weeks. He described the diplopia as constant, vertical and worse when looking to the left. What is going on?
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Moving in Stereo

The way humans acquire and perceive visual input is a complex and fascinating subject. Having two forward-facing eyes separated by a small distance allows each eye to have a slightly different view of the world. Known as binocular disparity, it is the basis of stereoscopic viewing, or depth perception.

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Caramel Eyes

Q: I have an emergency walk-in patient who came into our practice complaining of a foreign body sensation after cooking. Upon slit-lamp examination, I found no foreign body but, instead, a white spot on the cornea. What could it be?

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January 15, 2019


Bring Myopia Management to the Foreground

The time to address this growing phenomenon is now. Let’s start with the basics.

How Environment and Genetics Give Rise to Myopia

More than half of the world’s population will be myopic by 2050. What factors are causing this epidemic?

Myopia Treatments: How to Choose and When to Use?

Effective management in children and young adults may require different interventions. Learn which works best for your case.

What You Can Learn from Lids

A proper evaluation can lead you to targeted dry eye treatment.


All Vessels, Great and Small

In vasculitis, inflammation can lead to serious problems in multiple body systems, including the eye.

Anaphylaxis in Your Exam Lane

When a patient is gasping for air, will you be prepared?

Antibiosis Abroad

New Zealand indication makes the case for a drug’s use in the United States.

As Soon as You've Got It, Things Change

The good news: 2019 will bring policy changes that will benefit both you and your patients.

Be Farsighted About Myopia

Consider it a disease, not a trait. And then treat it like any other pathology.

Caramel Eyes

Corneal burns aren’t that common, but be prepared to identify and treat them.

Finding Time to Decompress

Consider all possible treatments when dealing with thyroid eye disease.

I’m in a Cleveland State of Mind

After speaking at a conference, I wondered, “Why, oh why, oh why, oh, would I ever leave Ohio?”

Moving in Stereo

We rely on it and rarely give it a second thought—until it’s jeopardized.

New Year, New Toys

The kids aren’t the only ones with new gadgets this year—2019 promises many new technologies for your practice, too.

Through a Child’s Eye

A teenage boy reported no vision problems, but his retina told a different tale.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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Keep up to date on the latest research and clinical findings in retinal disease care with this quarterly publication from the ORS.

Optometric Physician E-Journal

A weekly e-journal edited by Art Epstein, OD, featuring incisive commentary, timely research summaries and late-breaking news.

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