Systemic Disease

Research Details Influence of Systemic Meds on Cataract

Some of the strongest associations were with tricyclic antidepressants, antiarrhythmic drugs and insulin.

Fibromyalgia Signs Visible in Retina

Spectral-domain OCT parameters enabled the identification of affected eyes.

COPD Associated with Ocular Changes

Most likely due to the effects of smoking, these patients showed reduced retinal vascular density on OCT-A.

Certain Systemic Medications May Lower AMD Prevalence

Understanding how these drugs interfere with the condition’s pathways may lead to new therapeutic avenues.

Comanaging Outside of Eye Care: Recognize These Systemic Risks

Learn how to trade expertise with doctors in other medical disciplines for the betterment of your shared patients.

A Complete Analysis of COVID-19 and the Eye

From past to present, we review the impact of this disease on our patients.

How Hypertension and Stroke Affect the Eye

ODs play a vital role in protecting patients from both chronic and acute vascular events. Here’s what to look for and how to react.

Neuroimaging Shines Light on Chronic Ocular Surface Pain, Photophobia

New research using fMRI found that trigeminal nociceptive pathways may contribute to the conditions, and anesthesia seemed to have a modulating effect.

Mild Thyroid Eye Disease May Respond to Doxycycline

More work still needs to be done, though, as the drug’s improvement rate was fairly low.

Stroke Associated with Increased Prevalence of Ocular Disease

Findings also revealed a close relationship with mild to moderate and severe visual impairment in individuals with hypertension.