CXL May Also Help Halt Myopia Progression

Still, further investigation into the safety and efficacy of the method on human eyes is warranted.

Additional Risk Factors Identified for HZO-related Vision Loss

Severe permanent vision loss was linked to older age, immunosuppression and uveitis.

Microbial and HSK Combo Leads to Poor VA, Complications

Previous herpes simplex keratitis and ocular surface diseases top risk factor list.

Changes in Corneal Biomechanics Predict Visual Field Loss

Study shows glaucoma progression was associated with a lower baseline corneal hysteresis and a decrease in corneal resistance factor over time.

Dysbiosis Precedes Bacterial Keratitis, Study Finds

Increased pathogenic bacteria may be related to ocular surface inflammation, researchers suggest.

Beta Irradiation Suitable for Smaller Pterygium

Study determines horizontal length of less than 2mm the benchmark.

Patchy Corneal Staining Pattern May Indicate Inflammation

This presentation could help guide the appropriate treatment for dry eye and Sjögren’s.

Weigh Your Options

There are many different treatments available for corneal endothelial disease, but efficient patient selection leads to the most successful outcomes.

Infectious Keratitis Pathogen Trends Determined

Pay close attention to the antibiotic regimens at your disposal, as certain courses may be more effective than others in overcoming resistance.

PACK-CXL Can Relieve Treatment-Resistant Infectious Keratitis

The majority of corneal ulcers responded positively to this new therapeutic option, study shows.

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