Study Reports Low Prevalence of Neoplastic Disease in Pterygium Cases

Just 0.6% of specimens out of over 2,000 biopsied were positive for both.

Punctal Occlusion Doesn’t Worsen Ocular Allergy Symptoms

An analysis of three randomized trials reported significant reductions in itching and redness with an intracanalicular insert.

Study Highlights Diurnal Variation of Visual Acuity, Refraction in Fuchs’

While small changes don’t typically necessitate a second set of glasses, these changes remain an important clinical finding.

Low Humidity Contributes to DED

Researchers suggest greater diligence to optimizing the water content in indoor environments could be a complementary means of improving ocular surface comfort.

Study Identifies Influences on Axial Length in Ortho-K

These factors included age at initial lens wear, lens type and size of corneal flattening area.

Corneal Optics are Significantly Affected by Pterygium

Certain characteristics of this wing-shaped growth may help predict corneal changes and even recurrence.

Steroid, Antiviral Combo Most Effective for Herpes Stromal Keratitis

When used together, the regimen can lower the risk of recurrence more than either agent separately.

Diabetes Linked to Increased Prevalence of Fuchs’

Researchers also identified demographic risk factors for this condition, including female sex, European ancestry and multimorbidity.

DMEK Leads to Rapid VA Improvement After Fuchs’

The procedure’s long-term safety outcomes were similar to DSEK’s, but the former resulted in significantly better vision.

How Contact Lenses Contribute to Dry Eye

Learn about their impact on the fragile structure of the tear film, which patients are at greatest risk and the options available to alleviate symptoms.

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