10-Year Follow Up Shows Continued CXL Promise

Nearly 80% of pediatric patients remain stable a decade after the procedure.

Cosmetics May Contribute to Eye Toxicity

According to research, BAK and formaldehyde preservatives in cosmetics can kill ocular cells.

Trouble with Thygeson’s

Management for these cases can be quick if done right. However, an exact cause for the disease is still elusive.

A New Way to Detect Early Keratoconus

If your topographer measures corneal densitometry, you could get a leg up on diagnosis.

PTRK Shows Efficacy Against Granular Corneal Dystrophy

The new procedure could reduce surface irregularities and help patients achieve better visual acuity, research shows.

Extra Intrastromal Ring Segment Could Aid KCN Therapy

One study found adding a second segment improved vision for keratoconus patients.

Human Serum Proves Effective Against BAK Toxicity

If you can’t switch patients out of a preserved medication, consider this therapy to manage its iatrogenic effects.

Accelerated CXL May Aid in Infectious Keratitis Therapy

Research shows this new therapy may work as an additional treatment for these patients.

Genetics of Rare Corneal Dystrophy Identified

Researchers say they’ve discovered the mutation responsible for this endothelial barrier dysfunction.

Acting on an Epidemic

Here’s how to approach the clinical diagnosis and management of EKC.

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