Conjunctival Vessel Density Correlates with Ocular Redness

This anterior segment OCT-A parameter may help objectively measure severity.

CXL Reduction in KC Stable at Seven Years Post-Treatment

Study shows 82% of eyes saw improvement and stability of uncorrected and corrected distance visual acuity.

Antiseptics, Antibiotics Have Similar Efficacy in Corneal Foreign Body Removal

However, this study found that using a burr instead of a needle resulted in delayed healing.

Preterm Children at Greater Risk for Corneal Ectasia

Study shows laser treatment for ROP was associated with further corneal steepness and higher anterior corneal astigmatism.

Keep in Mind Association Between Diurnal IOP Change, Corneal Power

Large fluctuations may have a significant impact, recent study finds.

Corneal Biomechanics May Aid Glaucoma Diagnosis

Patients with normal-tension glaucoma had more deformable corneas, suggesting the lamina cribrosa of these eyes is particularly vulnerable to even normal pressures.

Academy of Ophthalmology Gives Cautious Endorsement to Hysteresis

A literature review by the society concluded that it’s complementary to tonometry and offers additional nuance in clinical assessment but can be difficult to untangle from other factors at play.

Patient Height Inversely Associated with Steep Cornea

For each one-inch increase, there was 16% lower odds in the general population.

HOAs Strongest Predictor of Quality of Life in Keratoconus, Study Finds

Other notable metrics included high-contrast visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

Hypertrophic Corneal Degeneration Most Common in Middle-aged Women

This rare opacification was also associated with decreased tear production and reduced tear film stability in a recent study.